Manningtree, an Essex town, on the tidal Stour, 8 3/4 miles NE. of Colchester. Pop. 900.


Manorbier, a ruined castle on the Pembrokeshire coast, 5 miles ESE. of Pembroke. It was the birthplace of Giraldus Cambrensis.


Manorhamilton, a market-town of Leitrim, 23 1/2 miles E. of Sligo. Pop. 870.

Manor Water

Manor Water, a Peeblesshire stream, running 10 1/2 miles N. by E. to the Tweed, 1 3/4 mile WSW. of Peebles. Manor parish was the home of the 'Black Dwarf.'


Manresa, a town of Spain, on the Cardoner, 41 miles by rail NW. of Barcelona. It has a fine church (1020-15th century), the cave of Ignatius Loyola, and manufactures of cotton, broadcloths, brandy, etc. In 1811 it was fired by Marshal Macdonald. Pop. 23,835.


Mans, Le (Mong), a picturesque city of France, the capital formerly of the province of Maine, and now of the dep. of Sarthe, on the left bank of the river Sarthe, 132 miles SW. of Paris by rail. The cathedral, 390 feet long, has a Romanesque nave of the 11th and 12th centuries, and a matchless Pointed-Gothic choir of the 13th century, 104 feet high, with splendid stained glass. In the right transept is the monument of Berengaria, ;ur-de-Lion's queen. Le Mans does a large trade in poultry and clover-seed, and manufactures candles, woollens, lace, soap, etc. Pop. (1872) 42,654; (1901) 56,700. The Cenomanum of the Romans, and the birthplace of Henry II. of England, Le Mans witnessed in 1793 the dispersion of 10,000 Vendeans ; and in 1871 the defeat, after a stubborn resistance, of 100,000 Frenchmen under Chanzy by Prince Frederick-Charles. A statue of Chanzy was erected in 1885, and one of the naturalist Belon in 1887.


Mansfield, a municipal borough (incorporated 1891) of Nottinghamshire, in Sherwood Forest, 17 miles N. of Nottingham. Its grammar-school (1561) has been rebuilt at a cost of 10,000 ; and there are a memorial cross (1850) to Lord George Bentinck, a town-hall (1836), an interesting parish church, etc. Mansfield stands in the centre of a mining district, and manufactures lace-thread andiron. Pop. (1851) 10,012; (1901) 21,445. See Harred's History of Mansfield (1801).


Mansfield, capital of Richland county, Ohio, 179 miles by rail NE. of Cincinnati. It has iron-foundries and manufactories of flour, agricultural implements, stoves, tiles, etc. Pop. 1S,473.


Mansourah, a town of Lower Egypt, on the Damietta branch of the Nile, 30 miles SW. of Damietta by rail. Pop. 36,942. The place was founded in 1220, and here St Louis of France was imprisoned in 1250.


Mantchuria. See Manchuria.


Mantes (Mongt), a town in the French dep. of Seine-et-Oise, on the Seine's left bank, 36 miles by rail WNW. of Paris. It has a striking tower (1344) and a beautiful church, a reduced copy of Notre Dame at Paris. The Celtic Medunta, Mantes in 1083 was sacked by William the Conqueror, who here received the injury that caused his death ; and here too Henry IV. was converted from Protestantism. Pop. 7832.