Margaux (Mar-go'), a village 15 miles by rail NNW. of Bordeaux, near the Gironde's left bank. Its chateau (a handsome Italian villa) and celebrated vineyards are 1/2 mile distant. Pop. 1819.


Marghilan, capital of Ferghana (q.v.).


Marianna, an episcopal city of Brazil, 3 miles E. of Ouro Preto. Pop. 5000.

Marianne Islands

Marianne Islands. See Ladrones.


Maria-Theresiopel. See Szabadka.


Mariazell (Maree'atzell'), the most famous place of pilgrimage in Austria, in the extreme north of Styria, 25 miles N. of Bruck and 60 SW. of Vienna. The image of the Virgin (brought here in 1157) is enshrined in a magnificent church, rebuilt in 1644. Pop. 1165.

Marie Galante

Marie Galante (Maree' Galongt), a wooded coral French island, in the West Indies, discovered by Columbus in 1493, lies 17 miles SE. of Guadeloupe. Area, 58 sq. m. Sugar, coffee, cocoa, and cotton are exported. Pop. 15,000. Chief town, Grandbourg or Marigot, on the SW. coast.


Marienbad (Maree'enbad), one of the most frequented of the Bohemian spas, 47 miles by rail NW. of Pilsen, and 2057 feet above sea-level. Its saline springs (4S°-54° F.) had long been used, both internally and as baths, by the people of the vicinity, but it is only since 1807-8 that it has become a great health-resort. The waters are largely exported. Marienbad is surrounded by wooded heights, has a pop. of 5000, and is visited every season by over 14,000 patients.


Marienberg, a mining-town of Saxony, 38 miles SW. of Dresden. Pop. 7139.


Marienburg (Maree'enboorg'), a Prussian town, on the Nogat, 30 miles by rail SSE. of Danzig. From 1309 till 1457 it was the headquarters of the Teutonic Order, and thereafter till 1772 belonged to Poland. The Gothic castle (1274) was rastored in 1817-42. Pop. 10,736.


Marienwerder (Maree'enver'der), a town of West Prussia, 3 miles E. of the Vistula and 55 by rail S. of Danzig. It was founded in 1233 by the Teutonic Knights, and has an old castle and a minster (1384). Pop. 9679.


Marietta, capital of Washington county, Ohio, on the Ohio River, 105 miles SE. of Columbus. Founded in 1788, it is the seat of a college (1835), trades in the neighbouring petroleum, and has remains of the earth-builders. Pop. 13,350.


Marinette, a town of Wisconsin, on Green Bay, at the mouth of the Menomonee River, 177 miles by rail N. of Milwaukee, with a busy trade in lumber, etc. Pop. 18,000.


Marino (Maree'no), a town on the Alban Hills, 21 miles SE. of Rome, has an old castle of the Colonnas, and a cathedral. Pop. 6071.


Marion, (1) capital of Grant county, Indiana, on Mississinewa River, 157 miles by rail SE. of Chicago, with foundries, lumber-mills, etc. Pop. 17,500. - (2) Capital of Marion county, Ohio, 46 miles by rail N. of Columbus, with manufactures of machinery, farm implements, etc. Pop. 11,900.


Mariposa, a central county of California, with the Sierra Nevada on its north-east border. It contains the Yosemite Valley, besides a grove of giant sequoias.