Marisco Castle

Marisco Castle. See Lundy.

Maritime Province

Maritime Province (Primorskaya), part of eastern Siberia, extending along the Pacific from Corea to the Arctic Ocean, and including Kamchatka and north Saghalien ; with a length of 2300 miles, and the enormous area of 730,000 sq. m. (nearly four times the size of Germany).


Maritza (anc. Hebrus), a river of European Turkey, rises in the Balkans, and flows 270 miles E. by S. and S. by W. past Philippopolis and Adrianople to the Gulf of Enos in the Aegean Maritzburg. See Pietermaritzburg.


Mariu'pol, the seaport for the south Russian coalfield, on the Sea of Azov, (55 miles W. of Taganrog. It was founded in 1779 by Greek emigrants from the Crimea. Pop. 18,980.


Market-Bosworth. See Bosworth.


Market-Deeping, a Lincolnshire town, on the Welland, 7 1/2 miles SSE. of Bourn. Pop. 980.


Market-Drayton, or Drayton-in-Hales, a town of Shropshire, on the Tern, 18 miles NE. of Shrewsbury. It has a grammar-school (1554) and a church dating from the 12th century, up whose spire Clive clambered as a boy. At Bloreheath, 3 miles to the east, the Yorkists won a victory in 1459. Pop. of parish, 5089. See works by Lee (1861) and Marshall (1884).


Market-Harborough, a market-town of Leicestershire, on the river Welland and the Union Canal, 16 miles SB. of Leicester, 18 N. of Northampton, and 84 NNW. of London. It has traces of a Roman camp ; a fine Perpendicular church, built by John of Gaunt as an atonement for his intrigue with Catharine Swynford, with a broach spire 154 feet high ; a corn exchange (1858); and a grammar-school (1614 ; restored 1869). Charles I. slept here before Naseby. Situated in a rich grazing country, it is a famous hunting-centre, and gives title to one of Whyte-Melville's novels. Pop. (1851) 2325 ; (1901) 7735. See works by John H. Hill (1875) and J. E. Stocks (1890).


Markethill, a town of Armagh, 13 miles NW. of Newry. Pop. 750.


Market-Jew. See Marazion.


Market-Rasen, a market-town on the Rasen, 15 miles NE. of Lincoln. Pop. 3000.


Market-Weighton, a town of Yorkshire, 19 miles ESE. of York. Pop. of parish, 1767.


Markinch, a town of Fife, ll 1/2 miles SSW. of Cupar. Pop. 1497.


Markirch (Mar-kirhh; Fr. Ste-Marie-aux-Mines), a town of Upper Alsace, on the Leber, 40 miles SW. of Strasburg by rail, with important cotton and woollen mills. Pop. 11,421.


Marlow, Great, a town of Bucks, on the Thames, 29 miles W. of London by rail, has manufactures of lace and paper, an iron suspension bridge, a house where Shelley lived in 1817, and a grammar-school. It returned two members till 1867, and one till 1885. Pop. of parish, 4530.


Mar'mora, Sea of (anc. Propontis), separating European from Asiatic Turkey, and communicating with the Aegean by the Dardanelles, with the Black Sea by the Bosphorus. It is 175 miles long, 50 broad, 4499 sq. m. in area, and 4250 feet in maximum depth. The Gulf of Ismid extends 30 miles eastwards into Asia. The largest of the islands is Marmora or Marmara (area, 50 sq. m.), famous for its marble and alabaster.