Marshall town

Marshall town, capital of Marshall county, Iowa, near the Iowa River, 50 miles NE. of Des Moines. Pop. 11,550.


Marshfield, a Gloucestershire town, on the Cotswolds, 11 1/2 miles E. of Bristol. Pop. 1250.


Marshfield, in Wisconsin, is 185 miles NW. of Milwaukee. Pop. 5500.


Marsivan', a town of Asia Minor, 23 miles NW. of Amasia. Pop. 15,000.


Marske-by-the-Sea, a Yorkshire watering-place, 3 miles SE. of Redcar. Near it are ironstone mines. Pop. of parish, 3090.


Mars-la-Tour. See Vionville.

Marston Moor

Marston Moor, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 7 miles W. of York, the scene of a great parliamentary victory, 2d July 1644.


Martaban', a town in Burma, on the right bank of the Salween, opposite to Maulmain. The capital of Pegu down to 1324, it was taken by the Siamese 250 years later, and by the British in 1824 and in 1852. Pop. 1781. The Bay of Martaban receives the Irawadi and Salween.

Marthas Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard, an island on the south coast of Massachusetts, 21 miles long by 6 broad. It is a summer health-resort.


Martigny (Marteen'yee), or Martinach (anc. Octodurus), three united hamlets in the Swiss canton of Valais, on the Simplon railway, 24 miles SE. of the Lake of Geneva. Pop. 4417.


Martigues (Marteeg'), the 'Provencal Venice,' a town in the French dep. of Bouches-du-Rhone, is situated on several islands, united by bridges, at the entrance to the Etang de Berre, 20 miles NW. of Marseilles. Pop. 6340.


Martina (Martee'na), a town of S. Italy, between Taranto and Monopoli. Pop. 24,454.


Martinsburg, capital of Berkeley county, West Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley, 114 miles by rail W. of Baltimore. It has a large distillery, mills, railway shops, etc. Fop. 7726.

Martins Ferry

Martin's Ferry, a town of Ohio, on the Ohio River, 89 miles by rail SW. of Pittsburgh, has ironworks, glass-works, etc. Pop. 8250.


Martos, a town of Spain, 16 miles SW. of Jaen, on a castle-crowned hill. Pop. 16,627.


Marugama, a seaport on the NW. coast of the island of Shikokn, Japan. Pop. 25,000.


Marwar. See Jodhpur.


Maryborough, the capital of Queen's County, 51 miles SW. of Dublin. Pop. 2900.


Maryborough, (1) a port of Queensland, on the Mary River, 25 miles from its mouth and 180 N. of Brisbane. Gold from Gympie (61 miles by rail), copper, sugar, and timber are the chief exports. Pop. 10,360. - (2) An important gold-mining town of Victoria, 90 miles NW. of Melbourne. Pop. 5700.


Maryhill, a north-west suburb of Glasgow.


Marylebone, a NW. parliamentary borough of London, returning two members. Pop. 132,295.


Maryport, a seaport of Cumberland, at the mouth of the Ellen, 28 miles SW. of Carlisle by railway (1837). The town gets its name from the fact that Mary, Queen of Scots, landed here in her flight from Scotland, though it was called Ellenfoot down to 1750, when its harbour was constructed. A new dock was opened in 1884; and there are shipbuilding-yards, iron-foundries and iron-furnaces, sawmills, flour-mills, tanneries, breweries, etc. Pop. (1851) 5698 ; (1901) 11,897. '