Marysville, capital of Yuba county, California, on the Yuba River, at the head of navigation, 52 miles by rail N. of Sacramento. It is a great resort of gold-miners, and contains flour-mills, a foundry, woollen-factory, etc. Pop. 3300.


Masampho (Ma-san-po), a Corean port on the south coast, near the mouth of the Nak-tong River. Pop. 25,000.


Masaya (Mazi'a), a town of Nicaragua, near the volcano of Masaya. Pop. 18,000.


Mascara', a town of Algeria, 50 miles SE. of Orau, 1800 feet above sea-level. Pop. 21,400.


Mascarenes, the collective name given (from the discoverer) to the islands of Reunion, Mauritius, and Rodriguez.


Mashhad. See Meshhed.


Mask, Lough, an isleted lake of Galway and Mayo, measures 12 miles by 2 to 4.


Massa, or Massa di Carrara, a city of N. Italy, 20 miles by rail SE. of Spezia. It has a cathedral and a ducal palace. Pop. 26,400.


Massafra, a town of Italy, 11 miles by rail NW. of Taranto. Pop. 9463.


Massillon, a city of Ohio, on the Tuscarawas River, 66 miles S. of Cleveland, with manufactures of iron, glass, and paper. Pop. 21,092.


Massow'ah, or Massaua, a town built on a coral island off the west coast of the Red Sea, in 15° 36' N. lat., 39° 28' E. long. It was seized by Turkey in 1557, but in 1866 given by her to Egypt, and in 1885 was occupied by Italy. The island is 1 1/4 mile in circumference, and is connected with the mainland by a causeway ; and is the terminus of a military railway into the interior. Pop. about 8000, of whom 600 are Europeans (exclusive of the garrison). Fishing for pearls and mother-of-pearl is the principal industry. The imports include cottons, chemical products, animals, grain and flour, groceries, spirits, hides, and timber. Massowah is very hot (mean of the year, 85.8° F.) and unhealthy.


Masulipatam', a seaport in Madras presidency, 215 miles N. of Madras city. Vessels anchor 5 miles from shore. Here the English established an agency in 1611. In 1864 a storm wave destroyed 30,000 lives. Pop. 39,809.


Masuri. See Mussooree.


Matadi, in the Congo State, is at the head of the navigation of the Congo, 100 miles from its mouth, and the starting-point of the railway. Pop. 8000.


Matamo'ros, (1) a river-port of Mexico, opposite Brownsville, Texas, on the Rio Grande's S. bank, 40 miles from its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico. Pop. 13,740. - (2) A town, with coalmines, in the Mexican state Puebla. Pop. 13,000.


Matanzas, a fortified seaport on the north coast of Cuba, 55 miles by rail E. of Havana, with distilleries, iron-foundries, and a large trade in sugar, molasses, rum, and cigars. Pop. 36,500.


Matapan', Cape, the southernmost point, bold and precipitous, of the Morea in Greece.


Mata'ro, a seaport of Spain, 17 miles by rail NE. of Barcelona. Pop. 18,727.


Matera, an Italian cathedral city, 37 miles NW. of Taranto. Pop. 17,700.