Melanesia. See Polynesia.


Melbourn, a parish 7 miles SE. of Derby. It has noted market-gardens.

Melcombe Regis

Melcombe Regis. See Weymouth.

Melegnamo(Melenyah' no), formerly Marignano, a town of northern Italy, by rail 12 miles SE. of Milan. Pop. 5438. Here in 1513 the French defeated the Swiss, and in 1859 the Austrians.


Mel'fi, an ancient town of S. Italy, 30 miles N. of Potenza. The once magnificent cathedral (1155) was almost entirely destroyed by an earthquake in 1851. Pop. 14,765.


Mel'ford, Long, a picturesque village of Suffolk, 13 miles S. of Bury St Edmunds by rail. It has a very fine Perpendicular church 260 feet long. Pop. of parish, 3253. See two works by Sir W. Parker (1873) and E. L. Conder (1888).


Melfort, Loch, an Argyllshire sea-loch, opposite Luing Island.


Melilla, a fortified convict settlement belonging to Spain, on the N. coast of Morocco, on the E. side of the mountainous promontory of Tres Forcas, which in 1893-94 nearly led to a war between Spain and Morocco. Pop. 9000.


Melksham, a Wiltshire market-town on the Avon, 9| miles E. by S. of Bath. Pop. 2473.

Mellifont Abbey

Mellifont Abbey, a ruin 4 miles NW. of Drogheda, was the first Cistercian foundation in Ireland, founded by St Malachy in 1142. Its remains were excavated during 1884-85. See Mellifont Abbey, by K. F. B. (1886).


Melo, a town of Cerro Largo in Uruguay, on the Tacuari. Pop. 5000.


Melos (Mel'los; Ital. Milo), a Greek volcanic island, the most south-westerly of the Cyclades, 13 miles long by 8 broad, with 4200 inhabitants. Amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Melos was found the priceless Venus de Milo, now one of the chief treasures of the Louvre.


Melton, a Suffolk village, on the Deben, l 1/4 mile NE. of Woodbridge. Near it is a large lunatic asylum. Pop. of parish, 1510.


Melton-Mowbray, a town of Leicestershire, in the centre of a great hunting district, is seated on the river Eye near its junction with the Wreak, 15 miles NE. of Leicester, and 104 NNW. of London. It has a fine cruciform church, mainly Early English, and is famous for its manufactures of pork pies and Stilton cheese. Near the town in February 1644 the royalists defeated the parliamentarians; and amongst its natives have been Archbishop de Melton, who lies buried in the church, and 'Orator' Henley. Pop. (1801) 1766; (1901)7454.


Melun (Melung'), the capital of the French dep. of Seine-et-Marne, on the Seine, near the Forest of Fontainebleau, 28 miles SE. of Paris. It manufactures leather, pottery, etc. Melun, the Melodunwn of Caesar, was after a six months' siege held by the English (1420-30). Pop. 10,723.


Melville, a polar island, crossed by 75° N. lat. and 110° W. long., and separated on the west by Fitzwilliam Strait from Prince Patrick Island, Greatest length, 200 miles; greatest breadth, 130 miles. In 1819 Parry passed the winter here with his crews. - Melville Sound, 250 miles long by 200 broad, extends south-east of the island, and communicates with the Arctic Ocean on the west by Banks Strait, and with Baffin Bay on the east by Barrow Strait and Lancaster Sound. - Melville Peninsula projects from the N. American mainland at its north-eastern corner. - Another Melville Island lies across the entrance to Van Diemen Gulf off the shore of the northern territory of South Australia ; area, 143 sq. m.