Menominee, capital of Menominee county, Michigan, at the mouth of Menominee River, on Green Bay, 179 miles by rail N. of Milwaukee, with a large trade in lumber, etc. Pop. (1880) 3288; (1900)12,820.


Menstrie, a Clackmannanshire village, 4 1/2 miles NE. of Stirling.


Montana (Mentah'na), a village 12 miles NE. of Rome, where in 1867 the Garibaldians were defeated by the papal and French troops.


Menteith, Lake of, a beautiful sheet of water in south-west Perthshire, 17 miles W. by N. of Stirling. Lying 55 feet above sea-level, it has an utmost length and breadth of l 1/2 and 1 mile, and a depth in places of 80 feet. It sends off Goodie Water 9 miles ESE. to the Forth, and contains three islets - Inchmahome, Inchtalla, and Dog Isle. Inchmahome has remains of an Augustinian priory (1238), the refuge in 1547-48 of the child-queen Mary Stuart; whilst on Inchtalla is the ruined tower (1427) of the Earls of Menteith. See works by Dun (1866) and Sir W. Fraser (2 vols. 1880).


Mento'ne (Fr. Menton), a town in the French dep. of Alpes Maritimes, is pleasantly situated on the Mediterranean, l 1/2 mile from the Italian frontier and 14 miles by rail NE. of Nice. Owing to its southern exposure, and the fact that spurs of the Alps shelter it on the north and west, it enjoys a beautiful climate - average for the year 61° - and so has become a favourite winter health-resort. The vegetation is luxuriant, and lemons are largely grown. It stands on a promontory that divides its bay into two portions; the native town clings to the mountain side, whilst the hotels and villas extend along the water's edge. The harbour is protected by a sea-wall (1889). The place belonged to Monaco (q.v.) from the 14th c. until 1848. Great damage was done by an earthquake in February 1887. Pop. 10,000.


Mentz. See Mainz.


Menza'leh, Lake, a coast lagoon of Egypt, extending east from the Damietta branch of the Nile, is separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow strip of land, with several openings. It has an average depth of only 3 feet, and is 460 sq. m. in extent, studded with islands, the most interesting of them, Tennees (anc. Tennesus), with Roman remains of baths, tombs, etc. The Suez Canal traverses the E. portion.


Meppel, a Dutch town, 18 miles N. by E. of Zwolle. Pop. 10,160.


Me'quinez. See Miknas.


Meran, a town in the Tyrol, at the south side of the Alps, 100 miles by rail S. by W. of Innsbruck, is a celebrated winter-resort, especially for sufferers from chest diseases. Pop. 9334. ' Mercedes (Mer-say'des), in Argentina, (1) a city 61 miles by rail W. of Buenos Ayres (pop. 9000); and (2) a town 55 miles by rail ESE. of San Luts City (pop. 6000); (3) the capital (4000) of Soriano province, in Uruguay.


Merchiston, a south-west suburb of Edinburgh.


Mercia, the great Anglian kingdom of central England. The name refers to the 'march' or frontier that had to be defended against the Welsh.