Mexborough, a town of Yorkshire, 5 3/4 miles NE. of Rotherham, with ironworks and potteries. Pop. 10,630.


Mezieres (Mezee-ehr'), the capital of the French dep. of Ardennes, on a bend of the Meuse, opposite Charleville (q.v.), 155 miles by rail NE. of Paris. In 1521 it was successfully defended by Bayard (statue, 1893), with 2000 men, against 40,000 Spaniards ; in 1815 held out for two months against the Allies; and in 1870-71 capitulated after a frightful bombardment. In its Flamboyant church, restored in 1884, Charles IX. was married (1570). Pop. 6551.


Mezo-Tur, a town of Hungary, 40 miles by rail SE. of Budapest. Pop. 25,757.


Mfumbiro, a mountain (10,000 feet) of Central Africa, situated in 1o 30' S. lat. and 30° 30' E. long., and west of Victoria Nyanza, just within the British East Africa Company's boundary.


Mhow", or Mhau, a British cantonment in Indore state, Central India, 13 miles by rail SW. of Indore city. It is 1919 feet above the sea. Pop. 36,773, mostly Hindus.


Miako. See Kyoto.

Michigan City

Michigan City, a town of Indiana, on Lake Michigan, 38 miles by water (57 by rail) ESE. of Chicago. It has a good harbour, contains a college, a state prison, and railway-shops, and manufactures cars, refrigerators, furniture, boots, etc. Pop. (1860) 3320 ; (1900) 14,850.


Micronesia. See Polynesia.


Middelburg, capital of the Dutch province of Zealand, in the island of Walcheren, and 4 1/2 miles by rail NE. of Flushing. In former times it was one of the leading mercantile cities of the United Provinces; but its commercial importance has greatly declined, though it has cotton-factories. Thomas Cromwell was a merchant here. The town-house, founded by Charles the Bold in 1468, is adorned with twenty-five statues of counts and countesses of Holland and Zealand. A once celebrated abbey (12th c.) is now used as administrative offices. Pop. 19,455.

Middle Level

Middle Level. See Bedford Level.


Middleton, a town of Lancashire, on the Irk, 3 miles W. of Oldham and 6 NNE. of Manchester. Dating mainly from 1791, when it received a charter for a weekly market, it was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1886, the boundary being extended in 1891. It is chiefly dependent upon its manufactures of silk and cotton, and has an interesting parish church, a grammar-school (1572), public baths and libraries, etc. Pop. (1851) 5740; (1901) 25,178.


Middleton, a town of Ireland, 13 miles by rail E. of Cork. At the college (1696) Curran was educated. Pop. 3446.


Middleton-in-Teesdale, a town of Durham, on the Tees, 9 miles NW. of Barnard Castle. Pop. of parish, 2000.


Middletown, (1) a port of Connecticut, on the right bank of the Connecticut River, 15 miles below Hartford. It is a well-built city, dating from 1636, with wide, shaded streets, theWesleyan University (1831), the Berkeley Divinity School (Episcopal), a large slate hospital for the insane, a girls' industrial school, and manufactures of sewing-machines, tape, webbing, Britannia ware, etc. Pop. 9613. - (2) A town of New York, 67 miles NNW. of New York City. It contains the state homoeopathic insane asylum, and manufactures iron, blankets, hats, etc. Pop. 14,977. - (3) A town of Ohio, on the Miami River and Canal, 35 miles N. of Cincinnati, with paper-mills and tobacco-factories. Pop. 9681.