Minehead, a watering-place (till 1832 parl, borough) of Somerset, on the Bristol Channel, 25 miles NW. of Taunton. Pop. 2511.


Minervino, an agricultural town of southern Italy, 44 miles W. of Bari. Pop. 17,972.


Mingrelia. See Georgia, Caucasus.


Minho (Min'yo; Span. Mino, anc. Minius), a river rising in Galicia, and flowing 174 miles S\V. through Spain and along the Portuguese frontier to the Atlantic.


Minieh, a town of Egypt, on the left bank of the Nile, 150 miles above Cairo. It has a government cotton-factory. Pop. 20,500.


Minnehaha. See Minneapolis.


Minorca, the second largest of the Balearic Isles (q.v.), lies 25 miles NE. of Majorca. It is 28 miles long by 10 wide, and has an area of 284 sq. m. Pop. 39,173. Its coast is rocky and inaccessible, but broken by numerous inlets, and its surface low, undulating, and stony. The chief towns are Port Mahon and Ciudadela. The island has many megalithic remains (called talayots) and stalactite caves (at Prella).


Minsk, the chief town of a Russian government, on an affluent of the Beresina, 436 miles by rail WSW. of Moscow and 331 ENE. of Warsaw. Pop. 95,048. Area of government, 35,282 sq. m., 70 per cent. marsh, moor, and forest; pop. 2,156,613.


Miquelon (Meek'elong), Great and Little, two islands connected by a long, narrow, sandy isthmus, off the SW. coast of Newfoundland, forming with St Pierre the only remaining French colony in North America. Fishing is the sole industry. Area, 78 sq. m.; pop. (with St Pierre)6500.


Miraj, a native state of India in the southern Mahratta country; pop. 123,500. The capital is Miraj, near the Kistna River (pop. 26,060).


Miramar, a palace on the Adriatic, near Gri-gnano, 6 miles NW. of Trieste, the home of the Archduke Maximilian, afterwards emperor of Mexico. See also Majorca.


Miramichi (Meeramishee'), the second river (220 miles) of New Brunswick, entering the Gulf of St Lawrence through Miramichi Bay. It is navigable to 2 miles above Newcastle.


Miran'dola, a cathedral city of northern Italy, 19 miles by rail NNE. of Modena. Pop. 13,S00.


Mirecourt (Meercoor'), a town in the dep. of Vosges, 236 miles ESE. of Paris. Pop. 4700.


Mirfield, a manufacturing town of Yorkshire, 3 miles W. by S. of Dewsbury, and 4 1/2 NE. of Huddersfield. It has a town-hall (1868), a parish church (restored in 1871 by Sir G. G. Scott), and manufactures of woollen cloths, carpets, blankets, and the like. The population, almost stationary since 1881, is 11,340.


Mirzapur, a town in the North-west Provinces, on the right bank of the Ganges, 45 miles by rail SW. of Benares. It manufactures shellac, carpets, and brass-wares. Pop. 84,130.


Miseno (Meezay'no), a promontory forming the western side of the Bay of Pozzuoli (Cumœ), 10 miles SW. of Naples. On it are ruins of the ancient city and naval station of Misenum.