Moher, Cliffs of, a wall of rock facing the Atlantic, on the coast of Clare, 20 miles NW. of Ennis, 4 miles long and from 440 to 660 feet high.


Mohileff, or Mogileff, (1) the capital of a Russian government (area, 18,551 sq. m. ; pop. 1,715,258), on the right bank of the Dnieper, 95 miles SW. of Smolensk. It has two archi-episcopal cathedrals, Greek (1780) and Roman Catholic (1692), an old castle, and a town-house (1679). Tanning is the principal industry. Pop. 44,500, largely Jews. The town was burned down by Peter the Great for strategical reasons in 1708. Here, on 23d July 1812, the French under Davout defeated the Russians under Bagration. - (2) A town of Podolia, Russia, on the left bank of the Dniester, 190 miles NW. of Odessa. Pop. 18,421.


Mohill, a town of counties Leitrim and Longford, 5 miles NE. of Dromod station. Pop. 790.


Moidart, a coast-district, SW. Inverness-shire.


Moissac (Mwassak'), a town in the French dep. of Tarn-et-Garonne, on the Tarn, 111 miles SE. of Bordeaux. Pop. 8241.


Mola, a seaport of Italy, on the Adriatic, 12 miles by rail SE. of Bari. Pop. 14,070.

Mola di Gaeta

Mola di Gaeta. See Formia.


Mold, a town of Flintshire, on the Alyn, in a rich mineral district, 14 miles by rail W. by S. of Chester. Its fine 15th-century church, rich in stained glass, contains the grave of the painter Wilson. The county prison, recently built at a cost of 25,000, was sold in 1880 for 3500 to expelled French Jesuits, who renamed it St Ger-manus' House, in memory of the Britons' ' Alleluia Victory' over the Picts and Saxons. With Flint, etc, Mold returns one member. Pop. 4257.


Moldau (Moldow; Bohemian Vltava), the chief river of Bohemia, and an important tributary of the Elbe, rises in the Bohmerwald Mountains, on the south-west frontier, at an elevation of 3870 feet, and flows 278 miles SE. and N. past Budweis and Prague to the Elbe opposite Melnik.


Moldavia, a former principality, now the northern division of Roumania (q.v.).


Mole, two rivers of Devon and Surrey, affluents of the Taw and the Thames.


Molfetta, a seaport and cathedral city of southern Italy, on the Adriatic, 16 miles by rail NW. of Bari. Pop. 39,697.


Molina (Mo-leen'), a city of Illinois, on the Mississippi, 179 miles by rail W. by S. of Chicago, and separated from Rock Island only by a swift and narrow channel affording great water-power to many busy mills and factories. Pop. 17,491.


Mollendo (Span. Mo-yen'do), a port of Peru, lying SW. from Lake Titicaca. It has railway connection with Puno (107 miles), and thence to Arequipa (218). Pop. 2500.


Mollwitz (Mol-veetz), a village of Prussian Silesia, 7 miles W. of Brieg. An obelisk (1878) marks the battlefield where Frederick the Great defeated the Austrians, April 10, 1741.


Molo'ga, a town in the Russian government of Jaroslav, near the confluence of the Mologa and Volga, 68 miles WNW. of Jaroslav. Pop. 6361. - The river Mologa winds 337 miles SE. through Tver, Novgorod, and Jaroslav governments.