Molokai. See Hawaii.


Molton, South. See South Molton.


Momien, a Chinese frontier-town in the extreme west of Yunnan, 135 miles NE. of Bhamo.


Mompox, or Mompos, a town of Bolivar in Colombia, on the Magdalena, 110 miles SB. of Cartagena. It was founded in 1538. Pop. 11,000.


Monadhliath (usu. Monalee'a), Inverness-shire mountains (3087 feet), 20 miles W. of Kingussie.


Monasterboice, 6 miles NW. of Drogheda, has a round tower 90 feet high, three line Celtic crosses, and the ruins of two churches.


Monastere'vin, a Kildare market-town, 37 miles SW. of Dublin. Pop. 769.


Monastir', or Bitolia (anc. Pelagonia), a town of Turkish Macedonia, 90 miles NW. of Salonica. It makes carpets and filigree. Pop. 45,000.


Moncalieri (Mon-ka-lyay'ree), a town of Italy, on the Po, 5 miles S. of Turin. Pop. 11,560.


Moncontour (Mongcongtoor'), a village in the French dep. of Vienne, 48 miles SW. of Tours. Here the Huguenots were routed, 3d Oct. 1569.


Moncton, a New Brunswick town, on the Petit-codiac, 89 miles NE. of St John. Pop. 9500.


Mon'dovi, a cathedral city of Italy, 58 miles S. of Turin by rail. Here, on 22d April 1796, Napoleon routed the Sardinians. Pop. 10,302.


Moness, Falls of. See Aberfeldy.


Moneymore, a market-town of Londonderry, 4 Miles NE. of Cookstown. Pop. 517.


Monghyr, a picturesque city of Bengal, on the Ganges' right bank, SO miles E. by S. of Patna, with a fort on a rocky crag. Pop. 37,077.


Mongolia, the country of the Mongols, a term now vaguely applied to the northern portion of the Chinese Empire.


Moniaive (Minniehive'), a Dumfriesshire village, 16 1/2 miles NW. of Dumfries. Pop. 530.

Monk Bretton

Monk Bretton, a town of Yorkshire, 3 1/4, miles NE. of Barnsley. Pop. 4000.


Monkland, Old and New, two Lanarkshire parishes, containing Coatbridge and Airdrie.

Monk Soham

Monk Soham, a Suffolk parish, 5 miles WNW. of Framlingham.


Monkwearmouth. See Sunderland.


Monnow, a river of Hereford and Monmouth, flowing 28 miles to the Wye at Monmouth.


Monongahe'la, a river rising in West Virginia and flowing north to Pittsburgh, where it unites with the Alleghany to form the Ohio.


Mono'poli, a town of S. Italy, on the Adriatic, 43 miles by rail N W. of Brindisi, with a cathedral, and ancient walls and castle. Pop. 23,154.


Monreale (Mon-re-ah'le), a city of Sicily, 5 miles SW. of Palermo. On its 'royal mount' (1231 feet high) stands the Norman cathedral (1176), with its mosaics. Pop. 23,898.


Monroe', a city of Michigan, on the Raisin River, 2 miles by a ship-canal from Lake Erie, and 40 by rail SSW. of Detroit, with flour-mills, a woollen-mill, etc. Pop. 5068.


Monrovia. See Liberia.


Mons (Mongss; Flem. Berghen), the capital of the Belgian province of Hainault, on the Trouille, 38 miles SSW. of Brussels. Its fortifications were demolished in 1862 ; but the country around can be laid under water. The church of St Waudru (1450-1580) is a masterpiece of Gothic ; and there are a town-hall (1458), a belfry (1662) 275 feet high, a good library, etc. The manufactures include woollen and cotton goods, cutlery, and sugar; in the vicinity is an extensive coalfield. Pop. (1875) 24,539 ; (1901) 27,015.