Motherwell, a town of Lanarkshire, 12 miles SE. of Glasgow. Owing its rapid growth to the amazing extension of its mineral industries, it has a good water-supply (1877), municipal buildings (1887), a public park (1887), large iron and steel works, etc. Pop. (1841) 726; (1861) 2925; (1871) 6943 ; (1881) 12,904 ; (1901) 30,243.


Motril, a Spanish town, 31 miles S. by E. of Granada, and 3 miles from the sea, with sugar and cotton works, and lead-mines. Esparto is exported. The port is Calahonda, 6 1/2 miles SE. Pop. 17,016.


Moukden. See Mukden.


Moulins (Moolang'), capital of the French dep. of Allier, on the Allier, here crossed by a bridge of thirteen arches, lies 196 miles by rail SSE. of Paris and 124 NW. of Lyons. A clean, well-built town, with pretty promenades, it has a cathedral (1468-1871), the choir old ; a square tower of the castle of the dukes of Bourbon ; and a 15th-century belfry. Marshals Villars and Berwick were natives, and Clarendon wrote here great part of his History. Nor must Sterne's Maria be forgotten. Pop. 20,000.


Moulmein. See Maulmain.


Moulsay, East and West, two Surrey parishes on the Thames, opposite Hampton Court, and 2 1/2 and 3 3/4 miles WSW. of Kingston.


Moultan. See Multan.


Moultrie (Moal'try), Fort, a fortress on Sullivan's Island, at the mouth of Charleston Harbour, South Carolina, celebrated for the repulse by Colonel Moultrie of a British squadron in 1776.

Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash, a coal and iron urban district of Glamorgan, 4 miles NE. of Aberdare. Pop. (1901) 31,093.

Mount Bischoff

Mount Bischoff. See Bischoff.

Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel, a borough of Pennsylvania, 135 miles NW. of Philadelphia. Pop. 13,180.

Mount Edgcumbe

Mount Edgcumbe, seat of the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, is opposite Plymouth.

Mount Melleray

Mount Melleray, a monastery of Irish Trappist monks (1830), on the southern slopes of the Knockmealdown Mountains, 3 1/2 miles N. of Cappo-quin in County Waterford.


Mountmellick, a town in Queen's County, on the Grand Canal, 7 miles N. of Maryborough by rail. It manufactures woollens, tobacco, leather, and beer. Pop. 2323.

Mount Morgan

Mount Morgan, a gold-mining township in Queensland, 28 miles SSW. of Rockhampton, The gold-mine at the summit of the mount, sold for 640 to a Copartnery, including the brothers Morgan, became a limited liability company, with a capital of 1,000,000. Pop. 9514.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, a town of Iowa, U.S., 235 miles SW. of Chicago by rail, has a pop. of 4118.


Mountrath, a market-town of Queen's County, 60 miles SW. of Dublin. Pop. 1350. Mount's Bay. See St Michael's Mount.


Mountsorrel, a town of Leicestershire, on the Soar, 4 miles SE. of Loughborough, with granite quarries near. Pop. of parish, 2200.


Mount-Stuart. See Bute.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, residence and burial-place of General Washington, is on the right bank of the Potomac, in Virginia, 15 miles below Washington. It is national property since 1856. - It has given name to many places in the United States, one of them a city, capital of Knox county, Ohio, on the Vernon River, 44 miles by rail NNE. of Columbus, with manufactories of doors and sashes, furniture, machinery, etc. ; pop. 6627. - Also a post-village, 15 miles by rail ENE. of New York, on the Bronx River, which, with adjoining villages of the same name (East, Central, West), has a population of 22,500. - Mount Vernon, in Indiana, 142 miles ESE. of St Louis, has a population of 5150.