Narvik, a Norwegian port opposite the Lofoten Islands, shipping iron ore brought by rail from the mines of Gellivara in Sweden. Pop. 5000.


Naseby, a Northamptonshire parish, 7 miles SW. of Market-Harborough. Here, on 14th June 1645, 7500 royalists under Charles I. and Prince Rupert were totally defeated by 14,000 parliamentarians under Fairfax and Cromwell.


Nash'ua, a city of New Hampshire, 40 miles by rail NW. of Boston, at the junction of the Merrimac and Nashua rivers. The falls of the latter, rendered available by a canal 3 miles long, supply motive-power to cotton-factories and ironworks, paper and carpet mills, etc. Pop. 25,000.


Nasik, a town of Bombay, on the Godavari, 31 miles from its source, 100 miles NE. of Bombay, is a great Hindu place of pilgrimage. Pop. 21,490.


Nasirabad, capital of Maimansingh district, Eastern Bengal, 75 miles N. of Dacca. Pop. 20,500.


Nassau (Nass'ow), formerly a German duchy, now the Wiesbaden district of Hesse-Nassau(q. v.). The reigning duke sided against Prussia in 1866, and his duchy was incorporated with Prussia; on the extinction of the male line of the Orange branch by the death of William III. of Holland, in 1890, the Duke of Nassau became Grand-duke of Luxemburg.


Nassau, on New Providence, is the capital of the Bahamas (q.v.), a bishop's see, and a great winter-resort of American invalids. Pop. 11,000.


Natal, a seaport of Brazil, capital of the province of Rio Grande do Norte, at the mouth of the river of that name. Pop. 10,000.


Natchez, capital of Adams county, Mississippi, on the east bank of the Mississippi, 214 miles by rail NN W. of New Orleans. The public buildings include a Roman Catholic cathedral and a U. S. marine hospital. Natchez, settled by the French in 1716, was uamed from an Indian tribe. Pop. 12,250.


Natick, a town of Massachusetts, on Charles River, 18 miles by rail WSW. of Boston. It makes shoes, baseballs, chairs, etc. Pop. 9518.

National Parks

National Parks. See Yellowstone, and Yosemite. Others in the States are the Sequoia National Park, and the General Grant National Park, both in California, and the Hot Springs Reservation in Arkansas. In Canada a domain 26 miles by 10 in extent has been set aside as a national park at Banff in Alberta (by rail 562 miles NE. of Vancouver); it embraces one of the most beautiful sections of the Rocky Mountains, and contains hot sulphur-springs. Roger's Pass, 135 miles to the west, is also reserved as a government park. See besides the article Niagara.

Natron Lakes

Natron Lakes. See Nitrian Desert.


Nau'cratis, an ancient city of Egypt, in the Nile delta, 47 miles SE. of Alexandria.


Naugatuck', in Connecticut, on the Naugatuck River, 22 miles by rail NNW. of New Haven, manufactures gloves, rubber goods, cutlery, and iron-wares. Pop. 10,550.


Nauheim, or Bad-Nauheim,in Hesse-Darmstadt and near the Taunus Mountains, 24 miles N. of Frankfort. Its hot, saline, and chalybeate springs are impregnated with carbonic acid. Pop. 5000.