Nazareth, the home of Jesus, anciently in the district of Galilee, 21 miles SE. of Acre, is still a small but flourishing town of Palestine. The principal building is the Latin convent, on the supposed scene of the Annunciation. Pop. 10,000, of whom 6500 are Christiana (mostly Roman Catholics and Greek Catholics) and 3500 Moslems.


Naze, The, or Lindesnaes, the southernmost headland of Norway (q.v.), near the entrance of the Skager Rack, with a lighthouse.-A head.

land of Essex, 5 miles S. of Harwich. Naze means 'nose' or 'promontory.'


Neagh, Lough (Lohh Nay), the largest lake of the British Islands, in Ulster, Ireland, is surrounded by the counties of Armagh, Tyrone, Londonderry, Antrim, and Down. It is 16 miles in length and 10 in average breadth, contains 98,255 acres, is 102 feet in greatest depth, and is 48 feet above sea-level. The chief of its numerous feeders are the Upper Bann, Blackwater, and Callan ; and its surplus waters are carried off northward to the North Channel by the Lower Bann. The southern shores are low, marshy, and dreary. Fish abound - trout, char, and pullen.


Neanderthal (Ne-an'der-tal), a romantic valley between Dusseldorf and Elberfeld in Rhenish Prussia. In a limestone cave here was found in 1857 the skeleton of a prehistoric man.


Neath, a parliamentary and municipal borough and river-port of Glamorganshire, on a navigable river of the same name, 8 miles ENE. of Swansea by rail. It is believed to stand on the site of the Roman Nidum; and near it are the remains of a castle burned in 1231, and ruins of Neath Abbey, described by Leland as ' the fairest abbey in all Wales,' but now sadly decayed and begrimed by smoke and coal-dust. Neath has copper and tin-plate works, iron-foundries, and chemical works. It is one of the Swansea district boroughs. Pop. (1851) 5831; (1901) 13,720.

Nebraska City

Nebraska City, capital of Otoe county, Nebraska, on the west bank of the Missouri, 74 miles below Omaha (44 by rail). It contains the Nebraska College (Episcopal, 1863), mills and factories, etc. Pop. 7500.

Nebraska River

Nebraska River. See Platte.

Neches River

Neches River (Netch'ez), rises in eastern Texas, and flows 350 miles SSE. to Sabine Lake, its waters passing thence into the Gulf of Mexico.


Neckar, the principal river of Wurtemberg, rises on the eastern declivity of the Black Forest, and winding 250 miles, joins the Rhine at Mannheim - the other towns on its banks being Tubingen, Heilbronn, and Heidelberg. From Cannstadt, about midway, the Neckar is navigable. Fair wines are grown on its banks.


Nedjd. See Arabia.

Needham Market

Needham Market, a Suffolk town, on the Gip-ping, 3 miles SE. of Stowmarket. Pop. 1313.


Needles, a group of chalk rocks off the W. end of the Isle of Wight, 4| miles SW. of Yarmouth. The westernmost bears a lighthouse.

Needwood Forest

Needwood Forest, a former royal forest in Staffordshire, along the Trent.