Neerwinden (Nayr'winden), a small village in the north-west corner of the Belgian province of Liege. Here the French under Luxembourg defeated the English under William III. (29th July 1693), and here under Dumouriez they were defeated by the allies (18th March 1793).


Negapatam', a seaport on the Coromandel coast, 180 miles S. by W. of Madras city. Originally Portuguese, it was taken by the Dutch in 1660, and by the English in 1781. It exports cottons, live-stock, ghi, and imports spices, piece-goods, coal, gunny bags. Pop. 57,221.


Negropont. See EubŒa.


Neidpath, a ruined castle, on the Tweed, 1 mile W. of Peebles.

Neilgherry Hills

Neilgherry Hills (Neelgerry, g hard ; properly Nilgiri; Sansk. nila, 'blue,' and giri, 'mountain '), a mountainous district in the south of India, rising abruptly from the plains to the height of 6000 feet, though individual peaks shoot up to 8760 feet. They have a delightfully cool climate, and are much resorted to by invalided Europeans, the principal station being Ootaca-mund. See a work by H. B. Grigg (1880).


Neilston, a Renfrewshire town, on the Levern, 2 miles SW. of Barrhead. Pop. 2713.


Neisse (Nice-seh), a fortified town of Prussian Silesia, on the Neisse, an affluent of the Oder, 50 miles SE. of Breslau. It manufactures arms, linen, and chemicals, and has great wool-markets. Emin Pasha was born here. Pop. 22,444.


Nejd. See Arabia.


Nellore, a town of India, on the Pennar, 107 miles N. of Madras. Pop. 32,336.


Nelson, a manufacturing town of Lancashire, 3 1/2 miles NNE. of Burnley, made a municipal borough in 1890. Pop. (1871) 10,381; (1901) 32,816.


Nelson, the capital of a provincial district in New Zealand, on a harbour at the north end of South Island, where the Maitai enters Blind Bay. Founded in 1841, it has a cathedral, museum, and manufactures of cloth, leather, soap, and jam. Pop. 7200 ; with suburbs, over 12,000.

Nelson River issues from the north end of Lake Winnipeg in Canada, and, after a northeasterly course of 400 miles through Keewatin, falls into Hudson Bay (q.v.). It is navigable for 127 miles from its mouth, though only some 70 or 80 miles for large steamers.


Neme'a, anciently the name of a well-watered valley of Argolis, in the Peloponnesus.


Nemi (Nay'mee), Lake of, an extinct crater, 20 miles S. of Rome, accounted for its beauty the gem of the Alban Mountains. There was here a famous temple of Diana.


Nemours (Nemoor'), an ancient town of 4507 inhabitants in the French dep. of Seine-et-Marne, 40 miles SE. of Paris by rail.


Nen, a river of England, rising near Naseby, and flowing 70 miles NE. to the Wash, past Northampton, Oundle, Peterborough, etc.


Nenagh (Nay'na), a Tipperary town, 28 miles NB. of Limerick by rail. Its Norman keep is called Nenagh Round. Pop. 4702.