Nerbudda, or Narbada, a river of India, rises on the Amarkantak plateau, 3493 feet above sea-level, and flows west, through the Central Provinces, past Jabalpur, through the great depression between the Vindhya Mountains on the north and the Satpura Mountains on the south, and reaches the Gulf of Cambay half-way between Baroda and Surat. The river, a sacred stream, has a total length of 800 miles, and is navigable to Broach, 30 miles from its mouth.


Nerchinsk. See Nertchinsk.


Neris-les-Bains. See Montlucon.


Nertchinsk, a mining-town of eastern Siberia, in the Trans-Baikal Territory, on the Nertcha, a tributary of the Shilka (a head-stream of the Amur), 875 miles E. of Irkutsk. Pop. 6750. - Nertchinskiy-Zavod, 180 miles SE., on a tributary of the Argun, is also a mining centre, many of the workers being convicts. Pop. 5000.


Ness, Loch, a long, narrow lake of Inverness-shire, the second largest in Scotland, 6 1/2 miles SW. of Inverness. Lying 50 feet above sea-level, it extends 22 1/2 miles north-north-eastward, and has an average breadth of 1 mile, with an area of 19 sq. m. It receives the Morriston, Oich, Foyers (q.v.), and other streams, and sends off the river Ness 7 miles to the Moray Firth. It lies in the valley of Glenmore, on the line of the Caledonian Canal (q.v.), and is enclosed by steep mountains - the highest, Mealfourvonie (2284 feet). Owing to its depth (in places 780 feet) it never freezes much. See Fort Augustus.

Neston and Parkgate

Neston and Parkgate, a town on the Dee estuary, 12 1/2 miles NW. of Chester. Pop. 4577.


Netherlands, a triangular region between France, Germany, and the sea, lying mainly in the basins of the Scheldt, the Meuse, and the lower Rhine, and now divided between the kingdoms of Holland (q.v.) and Belgium (q.v.).


Nethou. See Pyrenees.


Netley, a place on the east side of Southampton Water, 3 miles SE. of Southampton, with a ruined Cistercian abbey, founded in the time of Henry III., and the Royal Victoria Military Hospital (for 878 patients), the foundation-stone of which was laid by Queen Victoria on 19th May 1856.


Neu-Brandenburg (Noy-Brandenboorg'), a town of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, on Lake Tollens, 20 miles NNE. of Neu-Strelitz by rail. Pop. 10,550.


Neuburg (Noyboorg), an ancient town of Bavaria, on the Danube's right bank, 29 miles NNE. of Augsburg. Pop. 8485.


Neuilly (Nuh-ee-yee'), or Neuilly-sur-Seine, a town in the French dep. of Seine, N. of the Bois de Boulogne, and practically a suburb of Paris. Here, near the Seine, and in a beautiful park, stood Louis-Philippe's favourite Chateau de Neuilly, built by Louis XV., and burned at the revolution of 1848. Pop. 39,444.


Neu-Mecklenburg. See New Ireland.


Neumunster (Noymunster), a town of Holstein, 20 miles by rail S. by W. of Kiel, with cloth-mills, dyeworks, breweries, etc. Pop. 13,659.