New Holland

New Holland. See Australia.

New Ireland

New Ireland, now, as part of the German Bismarck Archipelago, called Neu-Mecklenburg, a long, narrow island in the Pacific, lying NE. of New Guinea. Area, 4900 sq. m.; length, 300 miles ; width, 15 miles. The hills rise to 6500 ft.

New Lanark

New Lanark. See Lanark.

New London

New London, a port of entry of Connecticut, is on the right bank of the river Thames, 3 miles from Long Island Sound, 51 by rail E. of New Haven, and 126 NNE. of New York. The manufactures include woollens, sewing-silk, agricultural machinery, hardware, and crackers (Anglice, biscuits); fruit-canning also is carried on. The harbour (30 feet deep) is one of the best in the States. On the left bank of the river is a U. S. navy yard. New London was settled in 1645, and in 1781 was burned by Benedict Arnold. Pop. 18,500.


Newlyn, a Cornish fishing-village and artists' headquarters, on Mount's Bay, 2 miles SW. of Penzance.


Newmarket-on-Fergus, a village of County Clare, 12 miles SE. of Ennis Pop. 500.

New Mills

New Mills, a town of Derbyshire, on the Goyt, 8 1/4 miles ESE. of Stockport. It has manufactures of calico, cotton band, iron, etc. Pop. (1851) 4366 ; (1901) 7773.


Newmilns, a police-burgh of Ayrshire, on the Irvine, 7 1/2 miies E. by S. of Kilmarnock. It manufactures lace and muslins. Pop. 4470.


Newnham, a town on the Severn, 11 miles SW. of Gloucester. Pop. 1184.

New Plymouth

New Plymouth, the chief town of the provincial district of Taranaki, New Zealand, 220 miles NW. of Wellington by rail. Two miles off is an extensive harbour. Pop. 5932.

Newport News

Newport News, an important seaport of Virginia, on the estuary of the James River, 75 miles SE. of Richmond. Pop. (1900) 19,635.


Newport-Pagnell, a market-town of Buckinghamshire, at the influx of the Ousel to the Ouse, 56 miles NN W. of London. The fine parish church was restored in 1858. Pop. 4030.


Newquay, a bathing-resort on the N. coast of Cornwall, 12 miles N. of Truro. Pop. 3115.

New Quay

New Quay, a watering-place on an inlet of Cardi-gan Bay, 5 miles Sw. of Aberayron. Pop. 3284.

New River

New River, an artificial cut, running 38 miles southward from Chadswell Springs in Hertfordshire into reservoirs at Hornsey and Stoke New-ington. It was designed for the water-supply of London, and completed (1609-20) at a cost of 500,000 by Sir Hugh Myddelton, goldsmith, who died poor in 1631. The seventy-five original shares, sold for 100 apiece, sell now at the rate of from 85,200 to 95,100.

New Rochelle

New Rochelle, a town of villas, on Long Island Sound, 17 miles NE. of New York. Pop. 14,720.

New Romney

New Romney. See Romney.

New Ross

New Ross, a market-town and river-port of Leinster, on the Barrow, partly in Kilkenny, but chiefly in Wexford, 92 miles S. by W. of Dublin and 15 NE. of Waterford. The two portions of the town are connected by an iron swing-bridge (1869). Before the Union New Ross - Old Ross lies 5 miles E. - returned two members, and down to 1885 one. Pop. 5840.