Novorossisk', a fortified port on the Black Sea, to the SE. of Anapa in Caucasia. A breakwater and quay were begun in 1890. Pop. 16,200.


Novotcherkask', a town of southern Russia, capital of the province of the Don Cossacks, on the Aksai, a tributary of the Don, 40 miles from the Sea of Azov, and 70 ENE. of Taganrog. The administration was transferred hither from Tcher-kask in 1805; but the choice was not a happy one, the distance of the town from the Don (12 miles) being much felt. Pop. 47,091.


Nuble, a province of Chili; capital, Chilian (q.v.).

Nueva Esparta

Nueva Esparta. See Margarita.

Nuevo Leon

Nuevo Leon (Nway'vo Lay-oan'), a northern state of Mexico; Monterey (q.v.) is the capital.


Nukha (Noo-hha), a town of Caucasia; it is on the southern slope of Caucasus, and 120 miles E. of Tiflis. Pop. 24,719.


Numidia (Gr. Nomadia, 'land of Nomads'), the Roman name for part of the north coast of Africa, largely corresponding with Algiers.


Nun, Cape. See Morocco.

Nuncham Park

Nuncham Park, an Oxfordshire seat, on the Thames, 5 1/4 miles SSE. of Oxford.


Nundydroog, or Nandidrug, a fortified hill and health-resort in Mysore, 31 miles N. of Bangalore, and 4810 feet above the sea. It was stormed by a British force in 1791.


Nun'eaton, a market-town of Warwickshire, on the river Anker and the Coventry Canal, 14 miles NNW. of Rugby, 9 N. by E. of Coventry, and 22 E. of Birmingham. It has a good Gothic parish church, some remains of a 12th-century nunnery, with a modern church built thereon, and a grammar-school (1553). The ribbon manufacture has given place to worsted, cotton, and woollen spinning. ' George Eliot,' born at Arbury farm to the south, went to school at Nuneaton, and here saw her Felix Holt riot. Pop. of Nuneaton and Chilvers Coton (1901) 24,996.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya. See Newera Elia.


Nyangwe, a station on the Upper Congo or Lualaba, where Stanley commenced the descent of the Congo in 1876.


Nyanza. See Albert and Victoria Nyanza.


Nyborg. See Funen.


Nyiregyhaza, a town of Hungary, 130 miles E. by N. of Budapest. It is the centre of an extensive wine district, with allied manufactures. It has an important annual fair. Pop. (1900) 31,875.


Nykerk (Nye'kerk), or Nieuwkerk, a Dutch town, 2S miles SE. of Amsterdam by rail, and 1 1/2 mile from the Zuider Zee. Pop. 7599.


Nykoping (nearly Nee-chup'ing), a seaport of Sweden, on a bay of the Baltic, 62 miles SW. of Stockholm (100 miles by rail). Pop. 7374.


OAHU. See Hawaii.


Oajaca (O-a-hah'ka), a mountainous Pacific state in the south of Mexico. The capital, Oajaca, lies 5060 feet above the sea, in the fertile valley of the Atoyac. It has a large cathedral (1729), a quaint bishop's palace, the State Institute, manufactures of chocolate, cotton goods, cigars, candles, and soap. Pop. 37,856.


Oakengates, a Shropshire market-town, 14 miles W. of Shrewsbury. Pop. 10,900.