Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto (Ooro Pray'to; 'Black Gold'), capital of the province of Minas Geraes, Brazil, stands among barren mountains, 3780 feet above sea-level, and 200 miles N. by W. of Rio Janeiro. The gold-mining is now trifling. Pop. 14,000.


Ouse (Ooz), a river of Yorkshire, formed by the union of the Swale and the Ure near Borough-bridge, and flowing 60 miles south-eastward past York, Selby, and Goole. About 8 miles below the last town it joins the Trent, and forms the estuary of the Humber (q.v.). The last 45 miles (from York) are navigable for large vessels. Its principal affluents are the Wharfe, Aire, and Derwent. - The Great Ouse, rising close to Brackley, in the south of Northamptonshire, flows 160 miles north-eastward through Buckingham, Bedford, Huntingdon, Cambridge, and Norfolk, till it falls into the Wash, 2 1/2 miles below Lynn. It is navigable for 50 miles. It receives the Ivel, Cam, Lark, and Little Ouse.


Ousuri, or Usuri. See Amur.


Ovenden, a NW. suburb of Halifax.


Over, a town of Cheshire, 4 1/4 miles W. of Middlewich. Pop. of parish, 6835.

Over Darwen

Over Darwen. See Darwen.


Overton, a parliamentary borough of Flintshire (detached), near the Dee, 23 miles NNW. of Shrewsbury. With Flint, etc, it returns one member. Pop. 1131.


Overtown, a Lanarkshire village, l 1/2 mile SE. of Wishaw. Pop. 1395.


Overyssel (y like i), a Dutch province, lying east of the Zuider Zee, and separated from Guelderland on the south by the river Yssel. Area, 1291 sq. m.; pop. 350,000. The chief cities are Zwolle, Deventer, and Kampen.


Oviedo (Oveeay'do; anc. Ovetum or Asturum Lucus), the capital of the Spanish province of Asturias, 20 miles by rail SSW. of Gijon on the Bay of Biscay and 87 N. by W. of Leon. Sheltered to the north by a hill 470 feet high, it has four main streets, branching off from a central square, and possesses a cathedral, a university (1604), a theatre, a botanic garden, a fine aqueduct, etc. The cruciform cathedral, dating from 781, but mainly rebuilt 1388-1528, is a noble specimen of Gothic, with a tower 284 feet high, the remains of fourteen early kings and queens of Asturias, many relics, and a fine old library. Linens, woollens, hats, and firearms are manufactured; near by are ironworks, and at Prutia (12 miles W.) a government foundry, producing cannon, rifles, bayonets, etc. Pop. 46,671.


Ovoca. See Avoca.


Owe'go, capital of Tioga county, New York, on the Susquehanna River (here bridged), at the mouth of Owego Creek, 228 miles by rail NW. of New York City. It manufactures pianos, flour, soap, leather, etc. Pop. 5025.


Owensboro, capital of Daviess county, Kentucky, on the Ohio, 160 miles below Louisville (112 by rail). It has tobacco-factories, whisky distilleries, foundries, flour and planing mills, etc. Pop. 14,000.

Owen Sound

Owen Sound, a town and port of entry of Ontario, at the head of Georgian Bay, 122 miles by rail NW. of Toronto. It possesses a deep sheltered harbour (12 miles by 5), trades in lum-ber and grain, and manufactures furniture and wooden wares, machinery, woollen goods, etc. The Canadian Pacific steamers leave here for Port Arthur. Pop. 9000.