Owston Ferry

Owston Ferry, a Lincolnshire town, on the Trent, 7 miles N. of Gainsborough. Pop. 1204.


Owosso, or Owasso, a city of Michigan, on the Shiawassee River, 78 miles by rail NW. of Detroit. The river supplies abundant water-power, and there are flour and planing mills, furniture and sash factories, foundries, and railway-shops. Pop. 8700.


Oxenhope, a town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 5 miles S. of Keighley. Pop. 2225.


Oykell. See Oikell.

Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay, a watering-place of New York State, on an inlet of Long Island Sound, 30 miles E. by N. of New York. Pop. 1600.


PAARL, capital of a district in Cape Colony, 40 miles NE. of Capetown by rail. Pop. 8500.


Pabbay, an Inverness-shire island, 6 1/2 miles S. of Barra. Pop. 7. Pabna, a town of Bengal, on an arm of the Ganges, 115 miles N. of Calcutta. Pop. 16,500.


Pachacamac', a village of Peru, 18 miles SE. of Lima, with the ruins of a temple from which Pizarro took immense treasure.


Pachmarhi, a sanatorium in the Central Provinces, India, 2500 feet above the plains, and 110 miles SW. of Jabalpur.


Pacto'lus (mod. Sarabat), anciently the name of a small brook of Lydia, in Asia Minor, flowing to the Hermus, and famous for its gold-dust.


Padang, capital of a residency on the west coast of Sumatra, at the mouth of the Padang River. Pop. 35,000.


Paddington, a parliamentary and metropolitan borough of London. Pop. (1901) 143,976.


Paderborn, a town of Westphalia, 50 miles SW. of Hanover. It has been largely rebuilt since a destructive fire in 1875. The fine Romanesque cathedral (R. C), completed in 1163, is built over the sources of the Pader (a feeder of the Lippe), and contains the silver coffin of St Liborius. Other edifices are St Bartholomew's Chapel (1017) and the town-house (1615; restored 1870-76). There are glass, soap, and tobacco factories, breweries, railway and printing works, and mineral springs close by. Pop. 23,600.


Padiham, a town of Lancashire, 3 miles W. of Burnley and 8 NE. of Blackburn. Cotton is the staple manufacture, with coal-mining and stone-quarrying. Pop., with Hapton, 12,250.


Padstow, a Cornish seaport, on the Camel's estuary, 12 miles WNW. of Bodmin. Pop. 1559.


Padu'cah, capital of McCracken county, Kentucky, on the Ohio River, 48 miles above its mouth, just below the entrance of the Tennessee, and 226 miles WSW. of Louisville. It has shipyards, foundries, railway-shops, flour, saw, and planing mills, and manufactures soap, vinegar, ice, furniture, tobacco, etc. Pop. 19,500.


PAestum, an ancient Greek city of southern Italy, on the Gulf of Salerno, with three well-preserved Doric temples.


Pago-Pago, or Pango-Pango, an excellent harbour and coaling-station on Tutuila, one of the Samoan islands belonging to the United States.


Pahang. See Straits Settlements.