Penang (Pulo Pin'ang, ' Betel-nut Island'), officially Prince of Wales Island, one of the British Straits Settlements (q.v.), lies at the northern extremity of the Strait of Malacca, 2 to 10 miles from the west coast of the Malay Peninsula, and 360 miles NNW. of Singapore. Length, 15 miles; breadth, 5 to 10 miles; area, 107 sq. m., three-fifths being hilly. A sanatorium crowns the highest point, 2920 feet above sea-level. The whole is covered with forest and vegetation, cocoa-nut and areca palms predominating. In the low lands the thermometer ranges from 70° to 95°, and at the sanatorium from 60° to 75°. The rainfall averages 111 inches a year. The exports include tin, spices, sugar, and tobacco. Pop. 90,951, of whom one-half were Chinese, nearly one-fourth Malays, and one-sixth Tamils and others from India. Georgetown, the capital, is situated at the NE. extremity, and is defended by forts. Pop. 30,000. Province Wellesley, on the peninsula opposite, forms part of this same settlement, and is 45 miles in length by 4 to 11 in breadth, with an area of 270 sq. m. It produces tapioca, sugar, rice, and cocoa-nuts. Another dependency is the Din-dings, including the island of Pangkor, 80 miles S. of Penang. The native raja ceded Penang to Britain in 1785 for a pension of 1000; Province Wellesley was acquired in 1798. Pop. (including Province Wellesley and the Dindings, 1901)248,207.