Pollokshields, a SW. suburb of Glasgow.


Polmont, a Stirlingshire village, 4 1/2 miles W. by N. of Linlithgow. Pop. 561.


Polotsk, a town of Russia on the Dwina, 62 miles by rail N W. of Vitebsk. Pop. 19,134.


Polperro, a small Cornish fishing-town, 6 miles E. of Fowey.


Poltava. See Pultowa.


Pomerania (Ger. Pommern), a Prussian province, from 1100 to 1637 an independent duchy, bounded N. by the Baltic, and S. by Brandenburg. Area, 11,620 sq. m.; population, 1,750,000. It is one of the lowest and flattest regions in Germany, and has numerous lakes. Stettin (the capital) and Stralsund are the most important towns. Greifswald is the seat of a university.


Pomeroy, capital of Meigs county, Ohio, between the Ohio River and a range of precipitous hills, 133 miles by rail SE. of Columbus. Coalmining and the manufacture of salt are the chief industries. Pop. 4640.


Pomfret. See Pontefract.


Pomona, or Mainland. See Orkney.


Ponape*. See Caroline Islands.


Ponce, a town and port on the south coast of Porto Rico, 50 miles SW. of San Juan. Pop. 28,000.


Pondicherry (Pon'di-sherr'ee), the chief of the French settlements in India, on the Coromandel Coast, DO miles S. by W. of Madras. It is divided into two parts by a canal, White (European) town being next the sea. It has handsome streets, a government house, a college, a lighthouse, and a cotton-mill employing 1500 hands. Pop. 48,283. It exports chiefly oil-seeds. The French colony of Pondicherry has an area of 115 sq. m. and a population of 175,000. Its governor is governor-general of French India. The French first settled here in 1674, but the town was held by the Dutch in 1693-97, and by the English in 1761-63, 1778-83, and 1793-1816.


Pondoland, a district of Kaffraria, on the Natal frontier, South Africa, was mostly annexed to Cape Colony in 1884-87, the remainder being incorporated in 1894. Pop. 200,000.

Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada. See Azores.


Pont-a-Mousson (Pong'-ta-Moossong), a town in the French dep. of Meurthe-et-Moselle, on the Moselle, 18 miles NNW. of Nancy and 18 SSE. of Metz. Pop. 11,750.


Pontarlier, a French town (dep. Doubs), 35 miles SE. of Besancon, on the main Jura route from Switzerland to France. Pop. 7760."


Pontchartrain (Pon-shar-train'), Lake, in Louisiana, 5 miles N. of New Orleans, is 40 miles long and 25 wide.


Pontecorvo (Pontehcor'vo), a cathedral city of Italy, 37 miles NW. of Capua. Pop. 12,240.


Pontevedra (Pontehvay'dra), a cathedral town of Spain and capital of a Galician province, 30 miles S. of Santiago. Pop. 22,550.


Pontiac, capital of Oakland county, Michigan, on Clinton River, surrounded by lakelets, 26 miles by rail NNW. of Detroit. It has a state reform school, a lunatic asylum, flour and planing mills, foundries, and brick-yards. Pop. 9770.