Port Huron

Port Huron, capital of St Clair county, Michigan, is on the St Clair River, where it issues from Lake Huron, and at the mouth of the Black River, 69 miles by rail NNE. of Detroit. The rivers are crossed by four iron bridges. The city has a fine custom-house (1877), shipyards and dry-docks, sawmills, grain-elevators, and machine and railroad shops. A railway tunnel here passes under the St Clair (q.v.) River; there is also a steam-ferry to Sarnia. Pop. 21,000.


Portici (Por'tichee), a town of Italy, on the slope of Vesuvius, 5 miles by rail SE. of Naples. The royal palace (173S) is now an agricultural college. Pop. 14,272.

Port Isaac

Port Isaac, a Cornish seaport, 6 1/2 miles NE. of Padstow.


Portisham, a Dorset parish, 6 miles SW. of Dorchester. Here is a tower to Nelson's Hardy, who was a native.


Portishead, a Somerset watering-place, on the Severn estuary, 10 miles W. of Bristol. Pop. of urban district, 2550.

Port Jackson

Port Jackson. See Sydney.

Port Jervis

Port Jervis, a town of New York, on the Delaware River, 88 miles by rail NW. of New York City. Pop. 9387.


Portlaw, a market-town on the Clodiagh, 11 miles W. of Waterford. Pop. 1100.

Port Louis

Port Louis, the capital and principal port of Mauritius, is situated on an excellent harbour on the north-west coast, and is enclosed by a ring of lofty hills. It has graving-docks, is defended by forts (1887-91), is a coaling station of the British navy, and has barracks and military storehouses. The city contains the government house, a Protestant and a Roman Catholic cathedral, a royal college, etc. It suffered terribly from the great hurricane of May 1892. Pop. 53,200.


Portmad'oc, a Carnarvonshire seaport, on Tremadoc Bay, 11 miles E. of Pwllheli. It ships slate and copper.

Port Mahon

Port Mahon (Ma-hoan'; anc. Portus Magonis), capital of Minorca (q.v.), is beautifully situated on a deep, narrow inlet in the SE. of the island, its excellent harbour being protected by fortifications. Stone, shoes, cottons, cattle, and honey are exported. Pop. 17,397. The town was held by the English in 1708-56 and 1762-82.


Portmoak', a Kinross-shire parish, on Loch-leven. The poet Michael Bruce was a native.

Port Moody

Port Moody. See Vancouver.

Port Natal

Port Natal. See Durban.

Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre (Porto Alay'greh), capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, stands at the NW. end of the Lagoa dos Patos. Founded in 1742, it has a cathedral, an arsenal, and manufactures of pianos, furniture, brandy, and beer. Pop. 85,000 (3000 Germans).


Portobello, a Scottish watering-place, on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, 3 miles E. of Edinburgh. Its first house (1742) was built by one of Admiral Vernon's seamen in the expedition against Portobelo (whence the name); but it dates, like its eastern extension Joppa, almost wholly from a time later than 1804. An esplanade, 1 mile long, skirts the sands; there are a promenade pier of 1250 feet (1871), municipal buildings (1878), and manufactures of pottery, bricks, bottles, etc. Incorporated municipally with Edinburgh in 1896 (pop. 8800), it unites with Leith and Musselburgh to return an M.P.