Poulton le Fylde

Poulton le Fylde, a Lancashire town, near the Wyre, 5 miles S. of Fleetwood. Pop. 2230.

Poverty Bay

Poverty Bay. See Gisborne.


Powerscourt, a Wicklow parish, 4 1/2 miles SW. of Bray, on the Dargle, in whose glen is a waterfall of 300 feet.

Powis Castle

Powis Castle. See Welshpool.


Pozsony. See Presburg.


PrAeneste. See Palestrina.


Prah, a river running between Ashanti and the Gold Coast, and then through the latter to the sea, 30 miles W. of Cape Coast Castle.

Praia Grande

Praia Grande. See Rio de Janeiro.


Prato (Prah'to), a walled town of Italy, 11 miles NW. of Florence. It has a cathedral with frescoes by Filippo Lippi. Pop. 15,510.

Prawle Point

Prawle Point, the S. extremity of Devon.


Prenzlau (Prentz'low), an agricultural town of Prussia, at the N. end of Lake Ucker, 67 miles by rail NNE. of Berlin. Pop. 20,230.


Presburg (Ger. Pressburg; Hung. Pozsony), a town of Hungary, on the Danube's left bank, 40 miles by rail E. by S. of Vienna. It is backed by the spurs of the Little Carpathians, and is a pleasant town. Its principal buildings are the Gothic cathedral (13th c), in which the kings of Hungary used to be crowned; the church of the Franciscans (1290-97); the town-house (1288); and the parliament house, in which the Hungarian representatives met until 1848. The royal castle (1645) was reduced to ruin by fire in 1811. The manufactures are beer, dynamite, wire, starch, spirits, confectionery, biscuits, etc. Pop. (1881) 48,326; (1900) 61,537. Presburg grew to importance during the 11th and 12th centuries. From 1541 (when the Turks seized Buda) down to 1784 it was the capital of Hungary. It was taken by Bethlen Gabor in 1619, by the Austrians in 1621, and was bombarded by Davout in 1809. Here in 1805 Napoleon concluded a treaty with the emperor after Austerlitz.


Prescot, a manufacturing town of Lancashire, 8 miles E. by N. of Liverpool. It has manufactures (introduced from Yorkshire in 1730; and revived since 1892) of watch-movements, watch-tools, small files, etc, and there are potteries near it. Prescot was the birthplace of John Kemble. Pop. 8100.


Prescott, a town of Arizona, lies 6000 feet above sea-level, 74 miles by a branch-line S. of Prescott Junction, which is on the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, 595 miles SW. of Denver. Gold and silver are found in the neighbourhood. It was superseded by Phoenix as the state capital in 1891. Pop. 3759.


Pressburg. See Presburg.


Prestatyn, a Flintshire market-town, 4 miles E. of Rhyl. Pop. 1300.


Presteigne (Pres-teen'), a Radnorshire (q.v.) market-town, on the Lugg, 6 1/2 miles ENE. of New Radnor. Pop. 1260.


Prestonpans, a coast-town of Haddingtonshire, 8 miles E. of Edinburgh. Its salt-pans flourished from the 12th century till 1825; now brewing and fishing are the principal industries. Pop. 2624. To the SE., on 21st September 1745, was fought the battle of Prestonpans, Preston, or Gladsmuir, when in a five minutes' rush Prince Charles Edward's 2500 Highlanders routed 2300 disciplined soldiers under Cope and Gardiner.