Prestwich, a cotton manufacturing town of Lancashire, 4 miles NNW. of Manchester. It has a Gothic church (13th century; restored in 1861), also many fine villas and a large lunatic asylum. Pop. 13,500.


Prestwick, a watering-place with famous golf-links, 2| miles N. by E. of Ayr. Pop. 2800.


Pretoria, capital of the Transvaal Colony, stands 4000 feet above the sea, in a plain sheltered by encircling mountains, 35 miles NE. of Johannesburg by rail, and is terminus of the line to Delagoa Bay. Founded in 1855, it was named after the Boer leader Andries Pretorius; and it was occupied by Roberts in 1900. Pop. 22,000.


Prev'eza, or Previsa, a fortified seaport in the extreme SW. of Turkey, stands on the north side of the entrance to the Gulf of Arta. The Venetians held it from 1683 to 1797. Pop. 7000.


Pribram, a mining-town of Bohemia, 48 miles by rail SSW. of Prague, employs 6000 men in the royal lead and silver mines, and various manufactures. Pop. 14,020.

Pribylof Islands

Pribylof Islands. See Alaska.


Priego (Pree-ay'go), a town of Spain, 46 miles SE. of Cordova. Pop. 17,800.


Priene (Pri-ee'nee), anciently one of the 'twelve' cities of Ionia, stood a little NW. of the mouth of the MAeander in Caria.


Prilu'ki, a town of Russia, 87 miles E. by N. of Kieff. Pop. 19,100.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill, in the north-west of London, beside Regent's Park.

Prince of Wales Island

Prince of Wales Island. See Penang.

Princes Islands

Princes Islands (anc. Demonnesoi), a beautiful group of nine islets near the eastern end of the Sea of Marmora, 10 miles SE. of Constantinople, the largest being called Prinkipo. See a monograph by S. S. Cox (New York, 1888).

Princes Risborough

Princes Risborough, a town of Bucks, under the Chilterns, 7 1/2 miles S. by W. of Aylesbury. It had a moated palace of the Black Prince. Pop. of parish, 2318.


Princeton, (1) capital of Gibson county, Indiana, 161 miles by rail E. of St Louis. It has woollen manufactures. Pop. 6050. - (2) A pleasant borough of New Jersey, 50 miles SW. of New York. Pop. 3900. On January 3, 1777, the British were defeated here by Washington; here, too, the Continental Congress sat in 1783; and from Princeton Washington dated his farewell address to the army. Princeton, however, is chiefly celebrated as the seat of the College of New Jersey, better known as Princeton College, and since 1896 as Princeton University. Founded at Newark in 1746, it was in 1756 transferred to Princeton, on the erection of a hall named Nassau Hall in honour of William III. The university now has over 100 instructors and about 1400 students, with fine museums and laboratories, two observatories, and libraries with 250,000 volumes. Its endowment is $3,000,000. Among its presidents have been Jonathan Edwards and Dr James M'Cosh.

Prince Town

Prince Town. See Dartmoor.

Prior Park

Prior Park. See Bath.


Prisrend, a town of Albania, 72 miles E. by N. of Scutari. Pop. 39,000.