Pueblo (Pweb'lo), capital of Pueblo county, Colorado, on the Arkansas River, at the mouth of Fountain Creek, 117 miles by rail S. by E. of Denver. Through its iron and steel industry it rapidly became the second city of the state and an important railway centre; immense quantities of raw materials and fuel abound in the vicinity. In 1890 a Mineral Palace was erected to hold a permanent exhibit of Colorado's mineral productions - from stone and coal to pure gold. Pop., in 1880 only 3250, is now 30,000.

Puente Nacional

Puente Nacional (Pwentey Nasional'), a town of Colombia, in Santander dep., on the Rio Suarez. Coal and iron are mined. Pop. 12,000.

Puerto Bello

Puerto Bello. See Portobelo.

Puerto Cabello

Puerto Cabello (Pwerto Cavel'yo), a seaport of Venezuela, 78 miles W. from Caracas. It stands on a long, low, narrow peninsula on the Caribbean Sea, and has a safe, roomy, and fortified harbour. It is the port of Valencia, 34 miles distant by rail. Pop. 15,145.

Puerto Cortez

Puerto Cortez, a port of Honduras (q.v.).

Puerto de Santa Maria

Puerto de Santa Maria, a seaport of Spain, at the mouth of the Guadalete, on the Bay of Cadiz, 22 miles by rail (all round the bay) NE. of Cadiz and 8 SW. of Xeres. It is a great export harbour for sherry, and manufactures silk, soap, hats, leather, spirits, beer, etc. Pop. 19,006.

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata (Pwerto Plah'ta), the chief port of the Dominican Republic, on the north coast of Hayti. It has an open roadstead. Pop. 6000.

Puerto Principe

Puerto Principe (Pwerto Preen'seepay), an inland town in the east of Cuba, 40 miles SW. of its port, Nuevitas, by rail. Pop. 26,641.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico. See Porto Rico.

Puget Sound

Puget Sound, a large inland sea in the northwest of Washington, U.S., communicating with the Pacific by the Admiralty Inlet and Juan de Fuca Strait. It is divided into several branches, penetrates far into the interior, and is everywhere navigable for the largest vessels. Great quantities of pine and fir are shipped.


Pulborough, a Sussex market-town, on the Arun, 9 miles N. by E. of Arundel. Pop. 1727.


Pulicat, a town of India, 20 miles N. of Madras, the first settlement of the Dutch in India; pop. 4967. It stands on an island in a large sea-inlet called the Lake of Pulicat.


Pulkowa (Poolko'va), a village of Russia, 10 miles S. of the site of a magnificent observatory (59° 46' 18" N. lat. and 30° 19' 40" E. long.), the 'st Petersburg observatory,' built by the Czar Nicholas in 1838-39. In 1882 one of the largest telescopes in the world was erected here.


Pulo-Penang. See Penang.


Pulteneytown. See Wick.


Pultowa (Poolto'va), or Polta'va, a town of Russia, on a tributary of the Dnieper, 88 miles by rail SW. of Kharkoff, and 449 NE. of Odessa. A bishop's seat, it manufactures tobacco and leather, and has four great annual fairs. Here Charles XII. was defeated by Peter the Great on 27th June 1709. Pop. 53,214.