Radnor, New, a Radnorshire village, on the Somergill, 7 miles WSW. of Presteigne. Pop. 497. - Old Radnor (pop. 340) is 3 miles ESE.


Rad'om, a town of Poland, on a sub-tributary of the Vistula, 60 miles S. of Warsaw. Pop. 28,750. - Area of government of Radom, 4768 sq. m.; pop. 825,000, Radstock, a town of Somerset, 7 miles NW. of Frome. Pop. 3400.


Ragatz, a spa in the Swiss canton of St Gall, 68 miles by rail SB. of Zurich and 13 N. by W. of Chur (Coire); it stands at the mouth of the ravine leading to Pfaffers (q.v.), whence it gets its healing waters by a pipe (1838-40) 2 1/2 miles long. Schelling is buried here. Pop. 1896.

Raglan Castle

Raglan Castle, a noble ruin, 7 miles WSW. of Monmouth, was the seat of the Herberts, Earls and Marquises of Worcester, and belongs now to the Duke of Beaufort.

Ragley Hall

Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, l 1/2 mile SW. of Alcester, the Marquis of Hertford's seat (1750).


Railway (Raw-way), a city of New Jersey, on the Rahway River, 4 miles from its mouth, and 20 by rail W. of New York. It manufactures carriages, printing-presses, etc. Pop. 7995.

Rai Bareilly

Rai Bareilly (Ri Baray'lee), a town of Oudh, stands 48 miles SE. of Lncknow, and has a fort (15th century), a magnificent palace, and some fine mosques. Pop. 18,781.


Raichur, a town of Hyderabad; pop. 22,174.


Rainford, a town of Lancashire, 4 miles NW. of St Helens. It manufactures tobacco, pipes, and crucibles. Pop. 3372.

Rainham Hall

Rainham Hall, Norfolk, the seat (1632) of the Marquis of Townshend, 3 1/2 miles SW. of Faken-ham.


Rainier, Mount. See Cascade Range.

Rainy Lake

Rainy Lake, on the boundary line between Ontario and the United States, 10 miles W. of Lake Superior. It is 50 miles long, and discharges by Rainy River into Lake of the Woods.


Raipur (Ri-pore), a town in the Central Provinces of India, stands on a plateau (950 feet), 180 miles E. of Nagpur. Pop. 32,120.


Rajamahendri (nearly as Rajahmundry), a Madras town, on the Godavari, 30 miles from its mouth. From 1753 to 1758 it was held by the French. Pop. 36,400.


Rajkot, chief town of a native state in Kathi-awar, Bombay; pop. 36,150, Rajmahal, a decayed town of India, on a steep eminence on the right bank of the Ganges, 170 miles NNW. of Calcutta, with the remains of many palaces. In 800 it had 25,000 inhabitants, but now less than 4000.


Rajputana (Radjpootah'na), a territory of India, embracing twenty native states and the British district (2711 sq. m.; pop. 542,35S) of Ajmere-Merwara. It lies between Sind (on the W.) and the Punjab (on the N.). Its total area is 132,979 sq. m., and its total pop. is about 10,000,000. The most important native states are Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur; next follow Alwar, Bhartpur, Kotah, and Bikaner. This region is crossed by the Aravalli Mountains, and consists in great part of sandy, barren plains. It gets its name from the ruling Aryan race, the Rajputs, a proud aristocracy, who have furnished ruling dynasties to many of the native states.