Rajshahi. See Rampur Beauleah.


Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, is near the Neuse River, 186 miles (by rail 271) SSW. of Richmond. It is regularly built on an elevated site, with a central square, from which four principal streets radiate, each 99 feet wide, and in which stands the domed granite capitol, which cost over $500,000. The city manufactures iron, clothing, carriages, etc. Pop. 13,650.


Ralik. See Marshall Islands.


Ramillies (Fr. pron. Ra-mee-yee'), a village of Brabant, Belgium, 14 miles by rail N. of Namur. Here, on May 23, 1706, Marlborough defeated the French under Villeroy.


Ramnag'ar, (1) an Indian town of the Northwest Provinces, on the Ganges, 2 miles above Benares; pop. 11,859. - (2) A decayed town of the Punjab, on the Chenab River; pop. 6830.


Rampur', the capital of a native state (945 sq. m.; pop. 551,249) in the North-west Provinces, on the river Kosila, 110 miles E. by N. of Delhi. It manufactures damask, pottery, sword-blades, and jewellery. Pop. 80,000.

Rampur Bauleah

Rampur Bauleah, chief town of the Rajshahi district (area, 2361 sq. m.; pop. 1,338,638) of Eastern Bengal, stands on the north bank of the Ganges. Pop. 21,407.


Ramsbottom, a town of Lancashire, on the Irwell, 4 miles N. of Bury. The first Sir Robert Peel established calico-printing here, and it now has manufactures of cottons, calicoes, ropes, machines, etc. Here lived the Grants, the 'Cheeryble brothers' of Nicholas Nickleby. Pop. 16,000.


Ramsey, (1) a seaport and watering-place in the north of the Isle of Man, 14 miles NNE. of Douglas, and by rail (1879) 18 NE. of Peel. It stands on a spacious bay, with a good sandy beach and a background of wooded hills (1842 feet), and from its beauty and salubrity has risen into a favourite resort. It has two promenades, a park, salt-water lake, a pier 730 yards long, and steamboat communication with Liverpool, Fleetwood, Glasgow, Greenock, Whitehaven, and Douglas. Population, 5000. - (2) A market-town of Huntingdonshire, 12 miles NNE. of Huntingdon. It has a branch-line (1863) and remains of a mitred Benedictine abbey (969). Pop. 5000. Ramsey Mere is long since drained, and bears rich wheat crops.


Ranchi (Rantchee), a town of Lohardaga district, Bengal. Pop. 26,000.


Rand, or Witwatersrandt. See Johannesburg.


Randazzo (Randat'zo), a town of Sicily, at the northern foot of Mount Etna. Pop. 9908.


Randers, a town in Jutland, on the Randers-Fiord, 20 miles from its mouth in the Cattegat. Pop. 21,000.


Ranelagh (Ran'e-la), North and South, two suburbs of Dublin, lying south of the city.


Rangpur' (u as oo), a town of Bengal, on the Ghaghat, an arm of the Brahmaputra, 110 miles SE. of Darjiling. Pop. 14,500.


Rannoch, a bleak, desolate moorland of northwest Perthshire, with a mean elevation of 1000 feet above sea-level, and measuring 28 miles by 15. It is crossed by the West Highland Railway (1894). In its western part is Loch Lydoch (5 1/4 miles x 1/2 mile; 924 feet above sea-level), which winds amid flat and dismal scenery. Stretching eastward from the moor is Loch Rannoch (9 3/8 miles x 1 1/8 mile; 668 feet), which is overhung by Schiehallion, contains a crannog with a later fortress, and sends off the Tummel 29 miles E. and SSE. to the Tay. Loch Tummel (2 3/4 miles x 1/2 mile; 480 feet) is an expansion of this river, on which are also the Falls of Tummel, 20 feet high.