Rapallo, a winter health-resort of Northern Italy, 17 miles by rail ESE. of Genoa, with a castle and the pilgrimage church of the Madonna (1557) on the Monte Allegro. Pop. 5625.


Raph'oe, a market-town of Donegal, 15 miles SSW. of Londonderry. Its former see was united to Derry in 1835. Pop. 803.


Rapidan. See Rappahannock.


Rappahannock, a river of Virginia, rises in the Blue Ridge of the Alleghany Mountains, receives the Rapidan, and flows 125 miles southeast to Chesapeake Bay. It is tidal and navigable to Fredericksburg.


Raratong'a. See Cook Islands.


Ras'tatt, or Rastadt, a fortified town of Baden, on the Murg, 3 miles from the Rhine, and 15 SW. of Carlsruhe. Steel wares, beer, and tobacco are manufactured. Pop. 14,000.


Ras'trick, a town of Yorkshire, on the Calder, with cotton and woollen manufactures and quarries, now incorporated with Brighouse (q.v.).


Ratak. See Marshall Islands.


Rathang'an, a market-town on the Little Barrow, 6 miles NW. of Kildare. Pop. 615.


Rathdowney, a town in Queen's County, 3 1/2 miles S. of Ballybrophy station. Pop. 1046.


Rathdrum', a market-town on the Avonmore, 9 miles SW. of Wicklow. Pop. 644.


Rathenow (Rah'te-now), a town of Prussia, on the Havel's right bank, 43 miles W. by N. of Berlin. Pop. 22,500.


Rathfry'land, a Down market-town, 9 miles SE. of Newry. Pop. 1290.


Rathkeale', a town of Ireland, on the river Deel, 19 miles SW. of Limerick by rail. Pop. 1750.


Rath'lin, a crescent-shaped island off the coast of Antrim, 6 1/2 miles N. of Ballycastle. Measuring 6 1/2 by l 1/2 miles, and 3398 acres in area, it has fine cliffs, and attains a maximum altitude of 449 feet. The valleys are fertile, but fishing is the leading industry. Rathlin is identified with the Ricinia of Ptolemy, and Raghlin or Ragherin ('fortress of Ireland') of later writers. St Columba established a church here in the 6th century; and Bruce in 1306 took refuge in a castle, now a ruin. Pop. 300.


Rathmel'ton, or Ramelton, a Donegal market-town, on Lough Swilly, 7 miles NE. of Letter-kenny. Pop. 1165.


Rath'mines, a S. suburb of Dublin.


Rathmul'len, a Donegal village, on Lough Swilly, 7 miles NE. of Rathmelton. Pop. 511. Rathnew', a village, 2 miles W. of Wicklow.


Rath'o, a Midlothian village, 8 miles WSW. of Edinburgh. Pop. 755.


Ratibor', a town of Prussian Silesia, on the Otter, 44 miles SSE. of Oppeln, chief town of the principality of Ratibor, from 1288 to 1532, since 1742 subject to Prussia. It manufactures iron, tobacco, shoes, paper, glass, sugar, etc. Pop. 30,750.


Ratlam. See Rutlam.


Ratnagiri (nearly as Rutnagher'ry), a coast-town of India, 136 miles S. by E. of Bombay. Pop 14,500.


Rattray, a police-burgh of Perthshire, on the Ericht, opposite Blairgowrie. Pop. 2025.