Redout Kale

Redout Kale (Redoot' Kah-lay'), a fortified post on the Black Sea coast of Caucasia, 10 miles N. of Poti, captured by the British fleet in 1854.

Red River

Red River, the lowest western tributary of the Mississippi, rises near the eastern border of New Mexico, and flows 1600 miles E. and SE. through or along the borders of Texas, Indian Territory, Arkansas, and Louisiana, till it enters the Mississippi below 31° N. lat. Of its feeders the Washita (Ouachita) is the most important.

Red River of the North

Red River of the North, a navigable river of the United States and Canada, rises in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, near the sources of the Mississippi, forms the boundary between Minnesota and North Dakota, and flows into Manitoba and through a flat country to Lake Winnipeg. Its course is 665 miles (525 in the United States). The Red River rebellion of the Canadian half-breeds (1869-70) was headed by Louis Riel, and suppressed by Colonel (Lord) Wolseley.

Red River Settlement

Red River Settlement. See Manitoba.


Redruth (Red'rooth), a town of Cornwall, on a hillside (414 feet) in the centre of a great mining-district, 9 miles by rail W. by S. of Truro. It has a town-hall (1850), public rooms (1861), a miners' hospital (1863), etc. William Murdock here in 1792 first used gas for lighting purposes. Pop. 10,450.


Ree, Lough, a lake between Connaught and Leinster, is an expansion of the Shannon (q.v.).


Reed. See Redesdale.


Regalbu'to (u as oo), a town of Sicily, 25 miles WNW. of Catania. Pop. 12,250.


Regensburg (Ray'gens-boorg'). See Ratisbon.


Reggio (Red'jo; anc. Rhegium Julii), (1) a seaport of South Italy, stands on the Strait of Messina, 9 miles SE. of the city of Messina in Sicily. It has a fine archiepiscopal cathedral, and manufactures silks, scented waters, gloves, stockings, and caps. Pop. 44,500. - (2) A walled city of Central Italy, Ariosto's birthplace, on the ancient Via Emilia, 17 miles by rail SE. of Parma. It has a 15th-century cathedral, a fine theatre, and a model lunatic asylum. Pop. 60,000.


Regina (Reji'na), capital of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan as constituted in 1905, and including Assiniboia (of which it was capital), 357 miles by rail W. of Winnipeg. Pop. 2650.


Reichenbach (Ri'hhen-bahh), (1) a manufacturing town of Saxony, 11 miles SW. of Zwickau, produces woollen fabrics - merinoes, flannel, shawls, quilts, cashmere - and has wool-spinning, dyeing, and calico-printing works. Pop. 25,500. - (2) A town of Prussian Silesia, 46 miles by rail SE. of Liegnitz. Pop. 15,250.


Reichenberg (Ri'hhen-berg), the chief seat of the cloth manufacture in North Bohemia, stands on the Neisse, 86 miles by rail NE. of Prague. Apart from the principal industry, which dated from the 16th century, and in which, in the town and neighbourhood, some 10,000 workmen are employed, cotton and woollen fabrics, machinery, and leather are manufactured. Pop. 35,000.