Reutlingen (Roit'ling-eri), a pleasant town of Wurtemberg, on a feeder of the Neckar, 8 miles E. by S. of Tubingen, manufacturing woollen and cotton yarns, cloth, leather, cutlery, hosiery, paper, etc. The noble church of St Mary (1247-1343), has a tower 243 feet high. Pop. 21,500.


Rev'al, or Revel, a Russian seaport, capital of Esthonia, stands on a small bay on the south side of the Gulf of Finland, opposite Helsingfors (52 miles distant), and 232 miles by rail WSW. of St Petersburg. The (old) upper town contains the cathedral, the castle, governor's residence, and the houses of the (German) nobility. There are several mediaeval guild-houses, and an important museum of antiquities. Reval exports cereals (chiefly oats), spirits, flax, etc.; and imports cotton, coal, etc. Brandy, vinegar, and wool are manufactured. Pop. 64,600, one-half being Es-thonians, and one-fourth of German descent. Founded by Waldemar II. of Denmark in 1219, Reval became a flourishing Hanse town. It was long held (from 1346) by the Livonian Knights, was made over to Sweden in 1561, and was annexed to Russia in 1710.


Revere, a town and bathing-place of Massachusetts, 5 miles N. of Boston, named after the patriot Paul Revere. Pop. 11,000.


Revilla-Gigedo (Span. pron. Re-veel'ya-Hee-hay'do), a rocky and uninhabited island-group in the Pacific, 400 miles W. of the coast of Mexico, to which it belongs. Socorro, a mountain-island 24 miles long, is the largest.


Rewa (Ray-wa), the principal native state of Baghelkhand (q.v.), named from a tributary of the Son, which flows NE. to the Ganges near Dinapur; its chief town, also called Rewa (pop. 24,626), is 130 miles SW. of Allahabad. - Rewa Kantha ('Banks of the Rewa') is a political agency under the government of Bombay, containing sixty-one small states, mostly tributary to Baroda. Covering 4980 miles, with a pop. of 500,000, it lies mainly along the south bank of the lower Nerbudda, and on the west borders on Broach, Baroda, and Ahmadabad.


Rewari (Ray-wah'ree), a town of Gurgaon district, 50 miles SW. of Delhi by rail. Pop. 27,934.


Reyk'javik. See Iceland.


RhAetia (Reeshia), an ancient Roman province embracing a large part of the Alpine tract between the basins of the Po and the Danube, now included in the Grisons and the Austrian Tyrol.


Rhayader (Welsh, ' waterfall'), a Radnorshire (q.v.) market-town, on the Wye, 14 miles S. of Llanidloes. Pop. of parish, 788.


Rhe (Ray), Ile de. See Re.


Rhegium. See Reggio.


Rheidol, a Cardiganshire river, flowing 22 miles to the sea at Aberystwith.


Rheingau (Rine'gow), a wine-growing district, 14 miles long, stretching along the right bank of the Rhine, from opposite Mainz to the village of Lorch, 8 miles below Bingen.


Rheydt (Rite), a town of Rhenish Prussia, 19 miles by rail W. by S. from Dusseldorf. It manufactures silks, velvets, cottons, machinery, hardware, paper, dyeworks, and breweries. Pop. 35,000.