Riddings, a Derbyshire market-town, 3 miles SE. of Alfreton, with neighbouring coal-pits and ironworks. Pop. 6000:


Riddon, Loch, an Argyllshire sea-loch, striking 4 miles N. from the Kyles of Bute.


Riesengebirge (Ree'zen-ge-beer'geh, g's hard; 'Giant Mountains'), a mountain-range, 23 miles long by 16 broad, separating Bohemia from Prussian Silesia. The highest peak is the Schnee-koppe (5260 feet).


Riesi (Re-ay'zee), a town of south Sicily, 10 miles NW. of Terranova. Pop. 14,914.


Rieti (Re-ay'tee; anc. Reate), a walled city of Italy, 40 miles NE. of Rome; the line cathedral has a monument by Thorwaldsen. Pop. 18,000.

Rievaulx Abbey

Rievaulx Abbey (Ree'voas), 26 miles N. of York and 10 E. by N. of Thirsk, a ruined Cistercian monastery (1131), Norman and Early English in style, occupying a beautiful site in the valley of the river Rye. The meaning of Rievaulx is ' Rye vale.'


Riff, the coast districts of northern Morocco, extending from Ceuta to the western frontier of Algiers, and forming a line of steep cliff's with few harbours. Its Berber inhabitants, once savage pirates, are still turbulent.


Rigi (Ree'gee, g hard), or Righi, an isolated Swiss mountain (5906 feet), standing between the Lakes of Lucerne, Zug, and Lowerz, commands views of some of the finest Swiss scenery. Verdant pastures clothe the summit, and the slopes are belted with forests. About 100,000 tourists ascend it every season, principally by means of two toothed railways - one from Vitznau (1S71) on the Lake of Lucerne, the other from Arth (1875) on the Lake of Zug, 4 1/4 and 7 miles long respectively. There are half-a-dozen hotels near or at the summit, as well as a Capuchin monastery (1689), whose church contains a wonder-working image of the Madonna. Rilo. See Rhodope.


Rimouski (Ri-moos'kee), a Canadian town, on the south shore of the St Lawrence, at the influx of the Rimouski River, 182 miles by rail NE. of Quebec. It is a bishop's seat, a watering-place, and a telegraphing station for ships. Pop. 2417.


Ringwood, a town on the Hampshire Avon, 25 miles WSW. of Southampton. Pop. of par. 4700.


Riobamba. See Cajabamba.

Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo. See Rio Grande.

Rio Cuarto

Rio Cuarto (Ree'o Kwahr'to), a city in the Argentine province of Cordoba, on the river of the same name, 500 miles NW. of Buenos Ayres and 170 by rail S. of Cordoba. Pop. 14,000.

Rio de la Plata

Rio de la Plata. See La Plata.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande (Ree'o Grandeh), also Rio Grande del Norte, and Rio Bravo del Norte, a large river of North America, rises in the San Juan Mountains in SW. Colorado, and flows generally SE. to the Gulf of Mexico, forming the boundary between Texas and Mexico. Its length is 1800 miles; small steamboats ascend nearly 500 miles. Its chief affluent is the Rio Pecos. - See also Parana and Senegambia.

Rio Grande do Norte

Rio Grande do Norte (Ree'o Gran'deh do Nor'teh), a maritime state of Brazil, occupies the northeast angle of the country. Area, 22,195 sq. m.; pop. 325,000, one-half Indians. It is named from the river Rio Grande, flowing into the Atlantic at the capital, Rio Grande do Norte or Natal (q.v.); but the principal river is the Piranhas.