Rother, a river (1) of Derbyshire and Yorkshire, flowing 21 miles to the Don; (2) of Hants and Sussex, flowing 24 miles to the Arun; and (3) of Sussex and Kent, flowing 31 miles to the English Channel near Winchelsea.


Rotherhithe (th as in this; but usually called Redriff), a London parish in Southwark (q.v.), on the Thames.


Rothes (Roth'ez), an Elginshire police-burgh (since 1884), near the Spey, 11 miles SSE. of Elgin. Near it are distilleries. Pop. 1625.


Rothwell, (1) a Yorkshire town, 4 miles SE. of Leeds. Pop. 11,702. - (2) A town of Northamptonshire, 4 miles N\V. of Kettering. Pop. 4193.


Rotomahana. See New Zealand.


Rotorua, a small lake of volcanic origin in the North Island of New Zealand, 20 miles N\V. of Mount Tarawera and in the region of thermal springs, the Wonderland of New Zealand, where the government has established a sanatorium.


Rottenburg (u as oo), a town of Wurtemberg, on the Neckar, 6 miles SW. of Tubingen, with a Catholic cathedral. Pop. 8000.


Rotti (Rottee), a fertile Dutch island in the Indian Archipelago, SW. of Timor. It is 36 miles in length (655 sq. m.); pop. 80,000. The surface, though hilly, nowhere exceeds 800 feet in height.


Rottweil, a town of Wurtemberg, on the Neckar, 68 miles SW. of Stuttgart. Pop. 6052.


Rotu'mah (u as oo), an island in the south Pacific, 300 miles NNW. of Fiji, to which it was annexed in 1880. Area, 14 sq. m.; pop. 2207, all Christians.


Roubaix (Roo-bay'), a town of N. France (dep. Nord), 6 miles by rail NE. of Lille. Here cloth, shawls, velvet, etc. are manufactured to the annual value of 16,000,000, thread, sugar, beer, spirits, machinery, etc. being also produced. Pop. (1810) 9000; (1876) 74,946; (1901) 123,195.


Rouergue (Roo-erg'), an old province of southern France, between Languedoc, Auvergne, and Guienne.

Rougemont Castle

Rougemont Castle. See Exeter.


Roulers (Roo-lay'; Flem. Rousselaere), a town of Belgium, 19 miles SSW. of Bruges, manufacturing cottons, lace, and chicory. Here the French defeated the Austrians in 1794. Pop. 23,250.


Roumelia, or Ru'mili ('Land of the Romans' - i.e. Byzantine Greeks), after the Turkish Conquest a name for Thrace and Macedonia, of which Eastern Roumelia is a portion; see Bulgaria.

Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park. See Leeds.

Roundway Down

Roundway Down, a hill 1 1/2 mile N. of Devizes, in Wiltshire, the scene of Waller's defeat by the royalists under Lord Wilmot in July 1643.


Rousay, an Orkney island, 10 miles N. of Kirkwall. Area, 18 1/2 sq. m.; pop. 627.


Roussillon (Roos-sec-yonsg'), a former French province, surrounded by Languedoc, the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees, and the county of Foix, and now forming the dep. of Pyrenees-Orientales.


Roveredo (Ro-ver-ay'do), a town of the Austrian Tyrol, close to the Adige's left bank, 14 miles S. of Trent by rail. It has been since the 15th century the centre of the Tyrolese silk industry; it has also leather and tobacco factories. Pop. 10,200. Here the French defeated the Austrians, September 3-4, 1796. Rosmini was a native.