Rovigno (Roveen'yo), an Austrian seaport, on the west side of the peninsula of Istria, 40 miles S. by W. of Trieste. Pop. 10,500.


Rovigo (Rovee'go), a cathedral city of Italy, 27 miles by rail S. of Padua. Pop. 11,200.


Rovuma, a river of Africa, rises E. of Lake Nyassa, and flows 450 miles E. to the Indian Ocean N. of Cape Delgado, forming the boundary between German and Portuguese East Africa. It was ascended by Livingstone and Kirk in 1862.


Row (Roo), a village of Dumbartonshire, on the east shore of the Gare Loch, 2 miles NW. of Helensburgh by rail (1894). The saintly John M'Leod Campbell was minister from 1825 till his deposition for heresy in 1831. Pop. 954.


Rowardennan, a steamboat-pier on Loch Lomond, at the base of Ben Lomond.

Rowley Regis

Rowley Regis, a town of Staffordshire, 3 miles SE. of Dudley, within whose parliamentary limits it partly lies. There are collieries, ironworks, quarries, potteries, implement-works, and breweries. Pop. (1851) 14,249; (1901) 34,670.

Rowton Heath

Rowton Heath, a royalist defeat in the Great Rebellion, fought under the walls of Chester, September 24, 1645.


Roxbury, formerly a separate city of Massachusetts, annexed in 1867 to Boston (q.v.).

Royal Canal

Royal Canal, Leinster, from Liffey at Dublin to Shannon at Richmond Harbour, 96 miles long, was made (1789-1802) at a cost of 1,500,000.

Royal Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa. See Leamington.


Royan (Rwah-yong'), a French seaport and watering-place (dep. Charente-Inferieure), on the north side of the Gironde's estuary, 60 miles NW. of Bordeaux. Pop. 8300.


Royat (Rioah-yah'), a watering-place in the dep. of Puy de Dome, 3 miles SW. of Clermont-Ferrand, has mineral springs. Pop. 1580.

Roy Bareilly

Roy Bareilly. See Rai Bareli.


Royston, a market-town of Herts and Cambridge, 12 1/2 miles ENE. of Hitchin. Pop. 3520.


Royston, a town of the West Riding of Yorkshire, 3 miles from Barnsley. Pop. 4500.


Royton, a town of Lancashire, 2 miles NNW. of Oldham, with cotton-factories. Pop. 15,000.


Rsheff, or Rjev, a river-port of Russia, on the Volga, 135 miles NW. of Moscow. Pop. 31,520.


Ruabon (Roo-ah'bon), a mining town of Denbigh, 4 1/2 miles SSW. of Wrexham. Pop. 3500.


Ruapehu, the highest mountain (9068 feet) in the North Island of New Zealand (q.v.), a volcano which was in eruption in 1895; with Mount Tongariro it is now a National Park.


Ruatan', or Rattan, an island in the Bay of Honduras; area, 106 sq. m.; pop. 2000.


Ru'bicon, a stream of Central Italy, falling into the Adriatic a little north of Ariminum, which formed the southern boundary of Caesar's province, so that by crossing it in 49 b.c. he virtually declared war against the Republic. It was probably the modern Fiamicino or Rujone.


Rudesheim (nearly Ree'des-hime), a town of Prussia, on the Rhine's right bank, opposite Bingen, at the foot of the Niederwald (q.v.), and 16 miles W. of Mainz. Here is grown the famous Rudesheimer Rhine-wine. Pop. 4840.