Rye House

Rye House, an old Hertfordshire mansion, 5 1/4 miles SE. of Hertford, where it was proposed by some of the Whigs to waylay and assassinate Charles II. (1683).


Ryswick, a village 2 miles S. of the Hague, where in 1697 a great treaty of peace was signed between France, England, the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany.


Ryton, a Durham town, on the Tyne, 6 miles W. of Newcastle. Pop. 8460.


Rzheff. See Rsheff.


SAALE (Sah-leh), a navigable river of Germany, rises in the Fichtelgebirge (Bavaria), and flows 226 miles northward through Thuringia and Prussian Saxony to the Elbe above Magdeburg.


Saalfeld (Sahl'felt), a town of Saxe-Meiningen, on the Saale, 31 miles SSW. of Jena. Pop. 11,700.


Saarbruck (Sahr-briik), or Saarbrucken, a town of Rhenish Prussia, on the Saar, 40 miles SE. of Treves, is the centre of a coalfield, and manufactures iron, glass, tobacco, chemicals, etc. Pop. 23,250. Here, on 2d August 1870, in the first engagement of the Franco-German war, the Germans retreated.


Saardam. See Zaandam.


Saargemund (Sahr-ge-munt'; Fr. Sarreguemines), a town of Lorraine, 41 miles E. of Metz, making pottery, silk, and velvet. Pop. 14,700.


Saarlouis (Sahr-loo-ee'), a fortified town of Rhenish Prussia, on the Saar, 31 miles S. of Treves. Fortified by Vauban, it was in 1815 given from France to Prussia by the Congress of Vienna. Here Ney was born. Pop. 7788.


Saaz (Sahtz), a town of Bohemia, on the Eger, 66 miles by rail NW. of Prague. Pop. 16,200.


Saba (Sah'ba), a Dutch West Indian island (Leewards), 40 miles NW. of St Kitts; a volcanic cone, 1500 feet high. Area, 5 sq. m.; pop. 2420.


Sabadell', a town of Spain, 14 miles by railway NW. of Barcelona, the ' Manchester of Catalonia,' manufacturing woollens and cottons. Pop. 23,100.


Sabine (Sa-been'), a river of Texas and Louisiana, flowing 500 miles SE. and S. until through Sabine Lake (18 miles long by 9 wide) it empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

Sable Island

Sable Island, a low-lying sandy island in the Atlantic, in 44° N. lat. and 60° W. long., 85 miles E. of Nova Scotia (and not near Cape Sable, at the SE. corner of Nova Scotia, where there is also a Sable Island). On this dangerous 'Ocean Graveyard,' the Canadian government has established six life-saving stations, with life-boats, rockets, etc., and a staff of men. In 1802 Sable Island was 40 miles long; in 1890 it was reduced to 20 miles; in 1900 over 80,000 trees were planted to check the shifting of the sands.

Sables DOlonne

Sables D'Olonne (Sahbl-d'O-lon'), Les, a French seaport and watering-place (dep. Vendee), on the Atlantic, 50 miles S. by W. of Nantes, with salt-making, shipbuilding, and fishing. Pop. 11,900.

Sabrina Land

Sabri'na Land, a stretch of coast-land discovered in the Antarctic Ocean (1839) by Balleny; it is crossed by 120° E. long. and the Antarctic Circle. - Sabrina is the Latin form of Severn.