Salette, La, an Alpine village of France, dep. Isere, 28 miles SSE. of Grenoble. In 1846 the Virgin was alleged to have appeared to two peasant children on a spot where in 1852-61 a pilgrimage church was built at an elevation of 5920 feet. The apparition was discredited by Pope Leo XIII. in 1879. Pop. 607.


Saleyer (Sali'er), a group of islands lying off the south-west extremity of Celebes, in the East Indies (total area, 404 sq. m.; pop. 80,000), whose chiefs pay tribute to Holland. Principal exports, cotton, trepang, cocoa-nuts, tortoiseshell, salt, and tobacco. The people, Malays, are Mohammedans.


Salford, though a separate municipal and county borough, with a pop. in 1905 of 225,000, is virtually a western division of Manchester (q.v.), from which it is separated by the Irwell.


Sali'na, a town of Kansas, 186 miles W. by S. of Kansas City. Pop. 6080.


Salins (anc. Salinœ), a town of the French dep. of Jura, 22 miles S. by W. of Besancon, has valuable salt-springs. Pop. 5392.


Salisbury, capital of Southern Rhodesia (q.v.), about 225 miles NE. of Bulawayo, with which, as with Beira, it has railway connection. It has government offices, municipality, churches, banks, schools, etc. White pop. about 500.


Salisbury, (1) in North Carolina, 44 miles NNE. of Charlotte, has a coloured college and normal school, and the national cemetery with over 12,000 graves. Pop. 6300. - (2) In Maryland, 32 miles ENE. from Chrisfield, has canning factories and manufactures. Pop. 4300.


Sallee, Sale, or Sla, a seaport of Morocco, on the Atlantic, at the mouth of the Bu-Ragreb, on the north side of the river, opposite Rabat (q.v.). It was for centuries notorious as a haunt of pirates, the 'sallee Rovers.' Pop. 10,000.

Salomon Islands

Salomon Islands. See Solomon Islands.


Salona, a ruined city of Dalmatia, at the head of a gulf of the Adriatic, 3 miles NE. of Spalato.


Salop. See Shropshire.


Salsette (Portu. pron. Sal-set'tay), an island lying N. of Bombay, with which it is connected by a bridge and a causeway. It is diversified by mountain and hill, studded with the ruins of Portuguese churches, convents, and villas, and rich in rice-fields and cocoa-nut groves. Area, 241 sq. m.; pop. 118,000; chief town, Thana (q.v.). Nearly 100 caves and cave-temples excavated in the face of a single hill at Kanhari or Keneri, 5 miles W. of Thana; they contain colossal carvings. There are other caves at Montpezir, Kanduti, Amboli, etc. Salsette was occupied by the Portuguese early in the 16th century, and was captured by the British in 1774.


Salta, a northern province of Argentina, touching Chili and Bolivia; area, 49,510 sq. m.; pop. 200,000. - Salta, the capital, on the Rio Arias, 535 miles by rail N. by W. of Cordoba, was founded in 1582, is the seat of an archbishop. Pop. 20,000.