Samso, a Danish island in the entrance to the Great Belt, between Zealand and Jutland. Area, 42 sq. m.; pop. 6600.


Samsun, a seaport, with growing trade, on the Black Sea coast of Asiatic Turkey, 90 miles SE, of Sinope. Pop. 15,000.


Sanaa', the former capital of the Imams of Yemen, 200 miles N. by TV. of Aden, stands in a valley 4000 feet above the sea. Pop. 50,000.

San Antonio

San Antonio, capital of Bexar county, Texas, on the San Antonio River, 210 miles by rail TV. of Houston. It has a Roman Catholic cathedral and seminary, an arsenal and government building, court-house, flour-mills, breweries, tanneries, etc. In Fort Alamo, across the river, Mexicans slaughtered the U.S. garrison of 188 men in 1836. Pop. (1880) 20,550; (1900)53,331.

San Carlos

San Carlos, a town of Venezuela, 125 miles SW. of Caracas. Pop. 10,741.

San Cataldo

San Cataldo, a town of Sicily, 10 miles TV. of Caltanisetta. Pop. 18,000.


Sanchi (San'tchee), a village in Bhopal state, on a rocky hill 5 1/2 miles S\V. of Bhilsa, is remarkable for its great Buddhist tope, dating from 250 b.c., with remains often smaller topes.

San Crist6bal

San Crist6bal, (1) a town of Chiapas state, Mexico. Pop. 16,000. - (2) A town of Venezuela, in the states of Los Andes. Pop. 5000.

Sancti Spiritus

Sancti Spiritus. See Santo Espihitu.


Sanda, an Argyllshire islot, 10 miles S. by E. of Campbeltown, 381 acres in area, and 405 feet high, with a lighthouse (1850). Pop. 19.


Sandakan, the capital, founded about 1880, of the territory of the British North Borneo Company. Pop. over 7000.

Sandal Magna

Sandal Magna, a small town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 2 miles SE. of Wakefield. Near it are the remains of the old castle of the Earls of Warren, ruined during the great Civil War. Pop. 6900.

Sandalwood Island

Sandalwood Island, or Sumba, one of the Sunda group in the Dutch East Indies. Area, 4385 sq. m.; pop. 200,000.


Sanday, an Orkney island, 2 1/4 miles N. of Stronsay. Area, 26 sq. m.; height, 173 feet; pop. 1729.


Sandbach, a market-town of Cheshire, near the right bank of the Wheelock, 5 miles NE. of Crewe. It has a good parish church, public rooms (1859), a grammar-school (1594), and manufactures of boots and shoes, fustian, iron, etc. Pop. 5750.

Sandbank and Ardnadam

Sandbank and Ardnadam, an Argyllshire watering-place, on the S. shore of the Holy Loch, 2| miles NNW. of Dunoon. Pop. 1018.


Sandec, a town of Galicia, 45 miles SE. of Cracow, mostly burnt down in 1890. Pop. 15,750.


Sandefjord (j as y), a watering-place, 86 miles by rail SSW. of Christiania. Pop. 5307.


Sandgate, a small watering-place on the south coast of Kent, within the parliamentary limits of Hythe, from which it is, however, nearly 3 miles E. by rail. Sandgate Castle dates from 1539; near by is Shorncliffe Camp. Two hundred houses were wrecked here by a land subsidence on 4th March 1893. Pop. 2050..