San Fernando

San Fernando, a Spanish town, near the head of a bay, 9 miles SSE. of Cadiz. Pop. 29,920.

San Francisco del Rincon

San Francisco del Rincon, a town of Mexico, 40 miles W. of Guanajuato. Pop. 12,000.

San Fratello

San Fratello, a town of Sicily, 53 miles WSW. of Messina. Pop. 9554.


Sangerhausen (Sang-er-how'zen), an old town of Prussian Saxony, on the SE. of the Harz Mountains, 22 miles E. of Nordhausen, with manufactures of machinery, iron, copper, and beet-root sugar. Pop. 12,188.

San Germano

San Germano (Jermah'no), or Cassino, a town of Italy, 3 miles E. of the celebrated monastery of Monte Cassino (q.v.) and 69 miles NW. of Naples. It is built from the ruins of the ancient Volscian Casinum. Pop. 6380.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano (Jiminyah'no), a town of Italy, 25 miles S. by W. of Florence. Pop. 3591.

San Giovanni a Teduccio

San Giovanni a Teduccio (Jovan'nee ah Tay-doot'sio), a SE. suburb of Naples. Pop. 14,397.

San Giovanni in Fiore

San Giovanni in Fiore (Fyo'ray), a town of South Italy, 25 miles E. of Cosenza. Pop. 10,500.

San Giovanni Rotondo

San Giovanni Rotondo, a town of South Italy, 27 miles NE. of Foggia. Pop. 8312.

Sangir Islands

Sangir Islands (Sangeer'; g hard), a group of fifty mountainous volcanic islands, lying between the Philippines and Celebes. Area, 323 sq. m.; pop. 115,000. The largest, Great Sangir, is 28 miles long by 9 broad; the eruption of the volcano Abu here in 1856 cost 6000 lives. The people are Malays, ruled by chiefs under Dutch suzerainty.


Sang-koi. See Tonquin.

San Joaquin

San Joaquin' (San Wah-keen'), a river of Cali-fornia, rises in the Sierra Nevada, and runs 400 miles SW. and NNW. to Suisun Bay, near the mouth of the Sacramento River.

San Juan

San Juan (San Hoo-ahn'), a frontier province of the Argentine Republic, bordering on Chili, with an area of 37,697 sq. m. and a pop. of 100,000. The capital, San Juan, on the river San Juan, is by rail 735 miles W. by N. of Buenos Ayres and 98 N. of Mendoza. Pop. 12,000. - (2) Of several San Juans in Mexico the chief is on the river Tabasco, 70 miles from its mouth. Pop. 10,600. See also St John's (Porto Rico), Greytown, and Fuca.


Sankuru, an affluent of the Kassai, itself a tributary of the Congo (q.v.).

Sanlucar de Barrameda

Sanlucar de Barrameda (Barramay'da), a seaport of Spain, 15 miles N. by W. of Cadiz, at the mouth of the Guadalquivir. Pop. 23,746.

San Luis

San Luis (Loo-eess'), a province of the Argentine Republic, with an area of 29,304 sq. m. and a pop. of 100,000. - The capital, San Luis, is on the trans-continental railway, 480 miles W. by N. of Buenos Ayres. Pop. 11,000.

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi (Potozee'), capital of the Mexican state of the same name, stands on the edge of a plateau, 7400 feet above the sea, 362 miles by rail NNW. of Mexico city. It contains a handsome cathedral, railway workshops, a cotton-factory, and great smelting-works. There are silver-mines near by. Pop. 70,000. - The state has an area of 27,503 sq. m. and a pop. of 582,500.