San Marco in Lamis

San Marco in Lamis, a town of South Italy, 18 miles N. of Foggia. Pop. 15,345.

San Marino

San Marino (Maree'no), an Italian republic, the smallest independent state of Europe, lies among the eastern spurs of the Apennines, 9 miles SW. of Rimini on the Adriatic. Area, 33 sq. m.; pop. 11,100, including a town of the same name (pop. 1600) and some villages. The town is built on a mountain crag, and is accessible only by one road; the streets are steep and narrow. In the 13th century San Marino cast in its lot with the house of Urbino; but on the annexation of this duchy to the Papal States in 1631 the independence of San Marino was recognised, and has 2n since been maintained, though it acknowledges the king of Italy as its protector. From the Grand Council of sixty life-members, self-elected, are selected the Council of Twelve. The executive is committed to two captains-regent.

San Miguel

San Miguel' (Meegayl'), a town of Salvador, at the foot of a volcano (7775 feet). Pop. 25,000.

San Miguel Alende

San Miguel Alende, a town of Mexico, on the side of a high hill overlooking the Rio de la Lara, 253 miles by rail NW. of Mexico. Pop. 15,000.

San Miniato

San Miniato (Min-i-ah'to), a cathedral city of Italy, 22 miles W. by S. of Florence. It was the original seat of the Bonapartes. Pop. 2147.

San Nicandro

San Nicandro, a town of Italy, 26 miles N. of Foggia. Pop. 8257.

San Nicolas

San Nicolas, an Argentine city, on the Parana, 150 miles NW. of Buenos Ayres. Pop. 15,000.

San Paulo

San Paulo. See Sao Paulo.


Sanpo. See Brahmaputra.


Sanquhar (Sang'har or Sang'kar), a town of Dumfriesshire, on the Nith, 26 miles NNW. of Dumfries. It has a ruined castle, was the birthplace of the 'Admirable' Crichton, and has many Covenanting memories. The Corda of Ptolemy, it was made a royal burgh in 1598, and with Dumfries, etc. returns one member. Pop. 1375. See James Brown's History of Sanquhar (1891).

San Remo

San Remo (Ray'mo), a city of Northern Italy, stands on rising ground on a bay of the Gulf of Genoa, 26 miles by rail ENE. of Nice and 84 SW. of Genoa. The shelter of the hills behind and its delightful climate make it one of the favourite winter-resorts of the Riviera, especially for Englishmen and Germans. There are two quarters, an old town of steep, narrow streets, and a new town of handsome streets and picturesque villas, hotels, and palaces. Pop. 19,285.

San Roque

San Roque, a town of Spain, 8 miles N. by W. of Gibraltar. Pop. 8497.

San Salvador

San Salvador', or Banza Congo, a decayed town of Africa, in Portuguese Angola, 170 miles E. by S. of the Congo's mouth. Pop. 700.

San Salvador

San Salvador', the capital of the republic of Salvador (q.v.), stands in the midst of a fertile plateau, among green hills, and at the foot of the extinct volcano of San Salvador (8360 feet). The government buildings are handsome; the cathedral is unfinished. San Salvador was founded in 1528, and in 1854, when it had a pop. of 25,000, was destroyed by an earthquake. A town of Nueva San Salvador was built 12 miles SW., the capital until 1858. Violent shocks of earthquake have since visited the old capital in 1873, 1879, and 1891. Pop. 60,000. - San Salvador is also a name for Bahia (q.v.), and for Cat Island in the Bahamas (q.v.).