Santarem (San-ta-reng), capital of the Portuguese province of Estremadura, on the Tagus' right bank, 46 miles NE. of Lisbon by rail. An old Moorish castle, crowning a hill was the ancient residence of the kings of Portugal; and there is also a cathedral with interesting tombs. Pop. 8500. - (2) A town of Brazil, at the confluence of the Tapajos with the Amazon; pop. 5000.

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa, capital of Sonoma county, California, on Santa Rosa Creek, 51 miles by rail N. by W. of San Francisco. Pop. 6700.

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa, (1) a town of Chili, 82 miles by rail E. by N. of Valparaiso; pop. 6000. - (2) A mining-town of Colombia, in Antioquia, 8335 feet above the sea; pop. 11,000. - (3) A town of Boyaca in Colombia, 9055 feet above the sea; pop. 9000.


Santee, a river of South Carolina, flowing 150 miles SE. to the Atlantic.

Santiago de Compostella

Santiago de Compostella, a city of Spain, the former capital of Galicia, stands surrounded by hills, 33 miles S. by W. of Corunna and 26 by rail NE. of its port, Carril. Here in 835 the bishop of Iria discovered, according to the legend, the bones of St James (San Iago), being guided to the spot by a star, whence Compostella (campus stellœ = 'field of the star'); the relics were in 1884 solemnly affirmed by the pope to be still beneath the cathedral. This building, Romanesque in style, was built 1078-1188, and contains some fine sculptures and metal-work. It was the shrine that attracted every 25th July so many thousands of pilgrims, especially Englishmen, in the middle ages, but is now out of repute. Ruined monasteries give the town a deserted appearance; but it is still an archbishop's see, and has a university (1504) with 700 students. Ornaments are made and linen is woven. Pop. (1900) 24,920.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, the former capital of Cuba, and now the chief town of the eastern department of the island, stands on a bay on the south coast, and has a fortified harbour. It contains a cathedral and seminary, foundries, cigar-factories, sawmills, etc. Pop. 43,100.

Santiago del Estero

Santiago del Estero (Santeeah'go del Es'tero), a north central province of the Argentine Republic. Area, 39,510 sq. m.; pop. 180,700. - The capital, Santiago, on the Rio Dulce, 750 miles by rail NNW. of Buenos Ayres, was founded in 1553. Pop. 10,000.


Santipur', a town of Bengal on the Hooghly, 43 miles N. of Calcutta. Pop. 26,900.


Santis, or Sentis, a mountain (8216 feet) on the borders of the Swiss cantons of St Gall and Appenzell. There are on it an observatory (since 1887) and a hotel.

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo. See San Domingo.

Santo Espiritu

Santo Espiritu (Sarcti Spiritus), a town of Cuba, 40 miles by rail ENE. of Trinidad. Pop. 12,700.


Santorin', or Thera, an island of the Aegean, the southernmost of the Cyclades, 70 miles N. of Crete. It is shaped like a crescent, the horns pointing west; between them lies the island of Therasia. In the SE. of Santorin Mount St Elias rises to 1887 feet. The chief town, Thera or Phera, on the west coast of Santorin, is perched some 900 feet above the water. Pop. of island, about 12,000. Eruptions took place In 196 B.C., 726 a.d., 1573, 1650, 1707, and 1866.