Sassari (Sass'aree), a eity of NW. Sardinia, 12 miles by rail from its port, Porto Torres (pop. 4500), on the Gulf of Asinara, and 162 miles N. by W. of Cagliari. It has a cathedral (1531), castle (1331), university (1677), etc. Pop. 38,500.


Sasun, or Sassoon, a small town of Armenia, 50 miles W. of Bitlis. In 1893-94 the Kurds and Turks committed great atrocities here.


Satara (Satah'ra), a town of Bombay, near the Kistna, 56 miles S. of Poona. Pop. 29,601.


Satoralja-Ujhely, a town of Hungary, 30 miles SE. of Kaschau, near a spur of the Carpathians. Pop. 17,000.


Sauchie (Sau'hee), or Sauchieburn, a battlefield 3 miles SSW. of Stirling, where in 1488 James III. was defeated and slain.


Saugor. See Sagar.

Sault Ste Marie

Sault Ste Marie, a town of Ontario, Canada (pop. 7500), and one in Michigan (pop. 12,000), separated by the St Mary's River and the St Mary's Falls ship-canal, which connect Lake Huron with Lake Superior. A vast system of locks simplifies the navigation; the falls or rapids (Sault, pron. soo) generate electrical energy, which is largely utilised for various industries. A great bridge links the (American) North Pacific and the Canadian Pacific railways.


Saumur (Somur', nearly So-meer'), a town of France, dep. Maine-et-Loire, on the left bank and on an islet of the Loire, 38 miles by rail W. by S. of Tours. It has an old castle (now arsenal and powder magazine), a 16th-century town-house, a museum, and a cavalry school with some 400 pupils. Rosaries and articles in enamel are manufactured. Pop. 14,400. Saumur was a Huguenot stronghold with 25,000 inhabitants, and from 1598 till the revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685) had a famous school of Protestant theology. Saumur was captured by the Vendeans in 1793. The largest dolmen in France is l 1/2 mile S.; and prehistoric caves line the river.


Saundersfoot, a Pembrokeshire seaport village on Carmarthen Bay, 3 1/2 miles NE. of Tenby.


Sauternes, a village of the dep. of Gironde, 18 miles SE. of Bordeaux, noted for its white wines.

Savage Island

Savage Island, or Niue, a coral islet E. of the Friendly Islands. Pop. 5000.


Savaii. See Samoa.


Savanilla, a port of Colombia, on a bay of the Caribbean Sea, 17 miles WNW. of Barranquilla by the railway to Puerto Colombia.


Save (Ger. Sau; Hung. Szava), a river in S. Austria, rises in Carniola, and flows 556 miles (366 navigable) SB. and E., separating Carniola from Styria, and Bosnia and Servia from Slavonia, till it falls into the Danube at Belgrade.


Savernake, a beautiful woodland region in Wiltshire, to the south of the town of Marlborough. Its 40,000 acres of farm and forest and hill were sold in 1891 to Lord Iveagh for 750,000 by the Marquis of Ailesbury, whose ancestor acquired it by marriage in 1676 - a sale, however, cancelled two years later.


Savigliano (Saveelyah'no), a town of Italy, by rail 32 miles S. of Turin. Pop. 9932.