Schlusselburg (Schleess'elboorg), a town (pop. 5542) and prison-fortress of Russia, the fortress being on a rocky islet in the Neva where it issues from Lake Ladoga. Here Ivan VI. was murdered, after twenty-three years' imprisonment.


Schmalkalden (Shmahlkahl'den), an old town of Hesse-Nassau, Prussia, 19 miles SW. of Gotha. The Protestant 'League of Schmalkald' was concluded here on 4th April 1531. Pop. 8729.


Schneeberg (Shnay'berg), a mining-town of west Saxony, 20 miles SW. of Chemnitz, producing silver (though not in its former great abundance), cobalt, tin, and iron. Pop. 8949.


Schneekoppe (Shnay'kop-peh), the highest point (5260 feet) of the Riesengebirge (q.v.).


Schneidemuhl, a Prussian town half-way between Berlin and Danzig, in a flat and dreary region in the north of Posen, with 19,700 inhabitants and some manufactures of iron, machines, starch, bone-dust, felt, and carpentry. An artesian well sunk here in 1893-94 poured forth such floods of water and mud as to inundate part of the town, and cause serious subsidences.


Schonebeck (nearly Shay'neh-bek), a town of Prussia, 9 miles by rail S. of Magdeburg, on the Elbe's left bank. Here 65,000 tons for salt are made annually, also machinery, chemicals, starch, varnish, etc. Pop. 16,319.


Schonhausen (nearly Shaynhorv'sen), a village of Prussian Saxony, 60 miles WNW. of Berlin by rail (pop. 1700), with the old seat of the Bismarck family, and the institute or hospital for secondary teachers and their widows and orphans, founded in 1885 by Prince Bismarck with the fund raised to celebrate his 70th birthday.


Schoodic. See Maine.


Schouwen (Skow'wen), an island of the Dutch province of Zealand, with an area of 62 sq. m. and a pop. of 24,000. Chief town, Zierikzee.


Schreckhorn, one of the mountains of the Bernese Oberland, SE. of Grindelwald; the highest peak (13,386 feet) was first ascended by Mr Leslie Stephen in 1861.


Schuylkill (Skoolkill), a river of Pennsylvania, rising in the coal region, and flowing 130 miles SE. to the Deleware at Philadelphia.


Schwalbach (Shval'bahh), or Langenschwal-bach, a German spa, 8 miles W. by N. of Wiesbaden, has eight springs impregnated with iron and carbonic acid gas, efficacious in female complaints, poor blood, and muscular weakness. Pop. 2678, increased to 7000 in the season.


Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, a German principality, consists of the upper lordship (283 sq.

m.) in Thuringia, surrounded by the Saxon duchies of Weimar, Altenburg, and Meiningen; and the lower lordship (80 sq. m.), lying 40 miles to the N. in Prussian Saxony. Pop. 94,000. Both divisions are mountainous; in the lower lordship stands the Kyff hauser (1545 feet), under which, according to legend, Frederick Barbarossa sleeps. Capital, Rudolstadt.


Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, a German principality, consists of the lower lordship (200 sq. m.) in Prussian Saxony and two separate portions constituting the upper lordship (132 sq. m.) in the Thuringia, surrounded by the Saxon duchies of Gotha, Weimar, and Meiningen. Pop. 81,000. Capital, Sondershausen.