Sion House

Sion House. See Isleworth.


Siout, or Asioot (anc. Lycopolis), the chief city of Upper Egypt, stands near the Nile's west bank, 200 miles by rail south of Cairo. It has several mosques, a government palace, and an American mission school. Pop. 42,000.

Sioux City

Sioux City (Soo), capital of Woodbury county, Iowa, on the east bank of the Missouri River (here crossed by a bridge 2000 feet long), 128 miles (by rail) above Omaha and 512 W. by N. of Chicago. It has stockyards and packing-houses, railway-shops, planing and spice mills, and manufactures of linseed-oil, vinegar, flour, doors, etc. Pop. 35,000.

Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls (Soo), capital of Minnehaha county. South Dakota, and the largest town in the state, is on the Big Sioux River (which here falls 90 feet), 241 miles by rail SW. of St Paul. Its leading industry is the quarrying, shaping, and polishing of granite. Here are the state penitentiary and school for deaf mutes, and four denominational colleges. Pop. 12,000.


Sipontum. See Manfredonia.


Sirajganj (Seerajgunj), a town in Pabna district, Bengal, near the main branch of the Brahmaputra, 150 miles NE. of Calcutta. Pop. 23,267.


Sir-daria. See Jaxartes.


Sirhind, the north-eastern part of the plain in the Punjab, between the Jumna and the Sutlej, watered by the Sirhind Canal (main branch finished in 1882) and its branches.


Sir-i-kol, a great lake of the Pamir (q.v.).


Sir-i-pul (Seer-ee-pool'), a river and a city (75 miles NE. of Maimana; pop. 15,000) in Afghan Turkestan.


Sis'tova, a town of Bulgaria, on the Danube's S. bank, 35 miles above Rustchuk. Pop. 12,482.


Sitapur (Seetapoor), a town and cantonment in Oudh, 52 miles NW. of Lucknow. Pop. 21,380.


Sitka, the capital of Alaska, is on the west coast of Baranof Island, a deep harbour dotted with islands in front, and snow-clad mountains rising behind. Pop. 1400, of whom about 400 are whites.


Sittingbourne, a brick-making market-town of Kent, on Milton Creek, 11 miles ESE. of Chatham and 45 of London. In olden days it was a great halting-place for Canterbury pilgrims and for kings and others on their way to the Continent. Pop. 9100.


Sivas (Seevas; anc. Sebastcia), a city of Asiatic Turkey, on the Kizil Irmak (anc. Halys), 170 miles SW. of Trebizond. Pop. 40,000.

Siwalik Hills

Siwalik Hills. See Himalaya.


Siwash, or Putrid Sea. See Crimea.


Skagen (Skah-gen, g hard), Cape, or The Skaw, the most northerly point of Jutland, Denmark.


Skager-Rak, an arm of the North Sea, between Denmark and Norway.


Skagway, a port (settled in 1897) of southern Alaska, at the mouth of a river falling into the Lynn Canal. It is the terminus of the White Pass and Yukon railway. Pop. 5000.


Skapta. See Iceland.


Skegness, a watering-place of Lincolnshire, 22 miles NE. of Boston by rail. Pop. 2140.