Skelligs, three rocky islands on the south-west coast of Ireland, 10 miles SW. of Valentia. On one of the rocks is a lighthouse, and on Great Skellig (710 feet high) a ruined monastery.


Skelmanthorpe, a town of Yorkshire, 6 miles SE. of Hudderstield. Pop. 3332;


Skelmersdale, a town of Lancashire, 4 4/2 miles from Ormskirk. Pop. 6000.


Skel'morlie, a watering-place of N. Ayrshire, on the Firth of Clyde, S. of Wemyss Bay, and 31 miles W. of Glasgow. Pop. 1100.'


Skelton, a town in the North Riding of Yorkshire, 3 miles NE. of Guisborough. Pop. 13,240.


Skene, Loch. See Dumfriesshire.


Skerries, a name applied to various groups of rocky islets round the British coasts, especially one 2 miles off the NW. coast of Anglesey, with a lighthouse. See also Pentland Firth.


Skerries, an Irish seaport, 18 miles N. by E. of Dublin. Pop. 1720.


Skerryvore', the chief rock of a reef which lies 10 miles SW. of Tyree and 24 W. of Iona. This reef, stretching 8 miles WSW., caused the loss of one ship annually in 1804-44. In 1838-44 a lighthouse, 138 1/2 feet high, was built here.


Skibbereen', a market-town, 54 miles SW. of Cork. Pop. 3200.


Skid'daw, a mountain (3054 feet) of Cumberland, flanking Bassenthwaite Water on the E., 5 1/2 miles NNW. of Derwentwater and Keswick.


Skien, a port of Norway, 62 miles SW. of Chris-tiania, Ibsen's birthplace, with a brisk trade. It was burnt down in 1886. Pop. 12,000.


Skipton, a market-town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, in the broad and fertile valley of the Aire, 26 miles NW. of Leeds. The capital of * Craven, it is a gray-looking place, with manufactures of cotton and woollen goods, and is an important station on the Midland line. The castle, once the chief seat of the Cliffords, is of two periods, the reigns of Edward II. and Henry VIII., and is partly a ruin, partly inhabited. The church has some interesting monuments; and there are also a public hall (1861), a grammar-school (1548; rebuilt 1876-77 at a cost of 12,000), and a saline spring. Bolton Abbey (q.v.) is 6 miles distant. Pop. (1851) 4962; (1901) 11,986. See Dawson's History of Skipton (1882).


Skowhe'gan, a town of Maine, capital of Somerset county, on the Kennebec (which here has a fall of 28 feet), 37 miles by rail NNE. of Augusta. It manufactures flour, oil-cloth, axes, paper, woollens, leather, etc. Pop. 5068.


Skyros, or Scyro, an island of the Grecian Archipelago, the largest of the northern Sporades, 24 miles NE. of Eubœ;a. It is 17 miles long, and 79 sq. m. in area. The south is mountainous and wooded; the northern part, though hilly, has fertile plains. The only town is Skyro, or St George, on the east coast. Pop. 3550.


Slaithwaite, a Yorkshire market-town, 4 miles WSW. of Huddersfield, with mineral baths and cotton and woollen manufactures. Pop. 4770.