Sorata (Sorah'ta), a volcanic peak (21,470 feet) of the Bolivian Andes, E. of Lake Titicaca.


Sorau (Zo-row), a town of Prussia, 60 miles by rail SSE. of Frankfort-on-the-Oder. Pop. 15,950.


Sorel, a town of Quebec, on the St Lawrence, at the mouth of the Richelieu River, 45 miles (by rail 78) NE. of Montreal. It manufactures machinery, leather, and bricks. Pop. 7060.


Soresi'na (i as ee), a town of Northern Italy, 16 miles by rail NW. of Cremona. Pop. 8765.


Sorrento (Lat. Surrentum), a cathedral city of Italy, on the SE. side of the Bay of Naples, 7 miles SW. of Castellamare. It is celebrated for its mild climate. Tasso was a native. Pop. 6089.


Sotteville-les-Rouen (Sot'veel-leh-Roo-ong'), a town of France, dep. Seine-Inferieure, 4 miles by rail S. of Rouen. Pop. 13,628.


Soul. See Seoul.


Soulouque. See Hayti.


Sound (A.S. and Ger. Sund), the strait which leads from the Cattegat into the Baltic Sea, having Sweden on the east and the Danish island of Zealand on the west. It forms the usual passage to the Baltic, and is 50 miles long and nearly 3 wide at the narrowest, between Helsingborg and Elsinore. Its passage, defended by the strong Danish fortress of Kronborg, was forced by Nelson in 1801. From the 15th c. till 1857 ships using this channel were charged toll.

South Africa

South Africa. See Cape Colony.


Southam, a Warwickshire town, 7 1/2 miles ESE. of Leamington. Pop. 1840.

South America

South America. See America.

South Bend

South Bend, capital of St Joseph county, Indiana, on the St Joseph River, 86 miles ESE. of Chicago. It has a R. C. university, and manufactures wagons, furniture, woollens, paper, flour, etc. Pop. 42,000.


Southborough, a town of Kent, 2 miles N. of Tunbridge Wells. Pop. 6977.


Southbridge, a town of Massachusetts, on the Quinebaug River, 70 miles SW. of Boston. It manufactures cottons, woollens, etc. Pop. 12,000.

South Easton

South Easton, a borough of Pennsylvania, at the Lehigh River's mouth, opposite Easton, to which it has been annexed since 1900.


Southend-on-Sea, an Essex watering-place, at the mouth of the Thames estuary, 42 miles E. of London. Dating from a visit here of Queen Caroline and the Princess Charlotte in 1804, it was in great part built by Sir S. Morton Peto (1809-89), and has good level sands, a public hall (1872), and a pier, over a mile in length, undertaken in 1888, with electric tramway and concert pavilion. It was made a municipal borough in 1892. Pop. (1851) 2462; (1901) 28,857.


Southgate, a town of Middlesex, 9 miles N. of St Paul's. Pop. (1901) 14,993.

South Georgia

South Georgia, a group of islands, uninhabited, and almost perpetually ice-bound, in 54° 30' S. lat. and 36° - 38° W. long., nearly 800 miles E. by S. of the Falkland Isles, of which they are a dependency. Area, 1000 sq. m. Discovered in 1675, they were taken possession of by Captain Cook in 1775; and here in 1882-83 lived the German expedition for observing the transit of Venus.