St Columb Major

St Columb Major, a Cornish town, on the Trent, 14 miles NNE. of Truro. Pop. 2612.

St Croix

St Croix (Sent Kroi), an American river, called also the Passamaquoddy and the Schoodic, which, flowing out of Grand Lake, on the E. border of Maine, runs SE. 75 miles to Passamaquoddy Bay, along the U.S. boundary. See Santa Cruz.

St Cyr

St Cyr (Sang Seer), a French village, dep. Seine-et-Oise, 2 miles W. of Versailles. The institution for poor girls of good birth, founded by Louis XIV., at the suggestion of Madame de Maintenon, who died and was buried here, was suppressed at the Revolution; and in 1806 the buildings were converted by Napoleon into a great military school. Pop. 3613.


St-Die (Sang-Dee-ay'), a French town, dep. Vosges, stands on the Meurthe, 50 miles by rail SE. of Nancy. It has a Romanesque-Gothic cathedral, seminary, and museum, and manufactures cotton, hosiery, paper, machinery, and iron goods. Pop. 19,500.

St Dizier

St Dizier (Sang Deezeeay'), a French town (dep. Haute-Marne), 38 miles by rail SE. of Chalons, is on the Marne, which is navigable hence. It has iron forges and foundries, boat-building yards, and cotton-factories. Pop. 13,520.

St Domingo

St Domingo. See Hayti, San Domingo.

Sainte Anne

Sainte Anne, the name of two rivers in Quebec Province, tributaries of the St Lawrence, of which one has celebrated falls near its mouth, 22 miles below Quebec, where stands the village of Ste Anne de Beaupre, a celebrated place of pilgrimage for healing.

Sainte Croix

Sainte Croix. See Santa Cruz.

St Elias

St Elias, Mount, a great volcanic mountain on the Alaskan side of the Canadian frontier, 1S,020 feet high. It stands in a wild, inaccessible region, and is clothed almost from base to summit with eternal snow. There are huge glaciers and impassable precipices and yawning chasms; but in 1886 a party reached a height of 7200 feet on the mount. Long reckoned the highest mountain in North America, it is exceeded by Mount Logan, inside the Canadian line (19,539 feet), and by Mount McKinley in Alaska (20,464 feet).

Ste Marie

Ste Marie. See Madagascar.

Sainte Marie-Aux-Mines

Sainte Marie-Aux-Mines. See Markirch.

Saintes {Sangt)

Saintes {Sangt), an old town of France, dep. Charente-lnferieure, on the Charente's left bank, 28 miles by rail SE. of Rochefort, manufactures iron and copper goods, machinery and leather. Mediolanum was the capital of the Santones, whence the name. Its interesting Roman remains include a triumphal arch and the ruins of an amphitheatre. It was a bishop's seat down to 1790; the cathedral still stands. Palissy lived at Saintes for fifty years. The old province was called Saintonge. Pop. 15,595.

St Eustatius

St Eustatius, a Dutch West Indian island, 10 miles NW. of St Kitts. Area, 8 sq. m.; pop. 1633.


Saintfield, a Down market-town, 11 miles SE. of Belfast. Pop. 557.

St Fillans

St Fillans, a Perthshire village, on the Earn, 13 miles W. by N. of Crieff.

St Flour {San9 Floor)

St Flour {San9 Floor), a town in the French dep. of Cantal, on a steep basaltic plateau (3000 feet) 50 miles S. of Clermont-Ferrand, has a Gothic cathedral (1375-1466), and manufactures pottery, cloth, etc. Pop. 4775.