St Holier

St Holier (Fr. Sangt Eleeay), the capital of Jersey, is situated on the south shore of the island, and the east side of St Aubin Bay. It is defended by Elizabeth Castle (1551-86), on a rocky island off the shore, approached by a causeway at low-water; and by Fort Regent, on the south-east side of the town, built in 1806-15. Victoria College dates from 1852, the public library from 1736. The harbour has outer and inner basins. Pop. (1851) 29,153; (1871) 30,756; (1901) 28,750.

St Henri

St Henri, a town of Canada, practically a suburb of Montreal. Pop. (1901) 21,192.

St Hyacinthe

St Hyacinthe, capital of a county in Quebec, at the intersection of four railways, 35 miles ENE. of Montreal, with manufactures, a Catholic college, and monasteries. Pop. 10,000.


St-Jean-D'Angely (Sang-Zhong-D'Ongzhaylee'), a small town of France, dep. of Charente-Inferieure, 15 miles NNE. of Saintes. Pop. 6900.

St Jean de Luz

St Jean de Luz (Sang-Zhong-deh-Luz), a French watering-place (once a famous port) of dep. Basses Pyrenees, at the mouth of the Nivelle, 7 miles from the Spanish frontier. Pop. 4280.

St Jerome

St Jerome, a river-port of Quebec, on the North River, 33 miles NW. of Montreal. Pop. 4000.

St Johns

St John's, (1) the capital of Newfoundland, stands on the extreme east coast of the island, on Avalon Peninsula, 1076 miles ENE. of Montreal and 1730 W. by S. of Cork in Ireland. It is thus the nearest port in America to Europe; and it possesses a small but excellent harbour, which is well fortified. Railways run to Harbour Grace (84 miles) and Placentia (25 miles). The city has a number of oil-refineries (fish and seal), and also tanneries, shoe-factories, cabinet-works, etc. It was largely destroyed by fire in July 1892. Pop. (1901) 29,594. - (2) Chief town of St John county, Quebec, on the left bank of the river Richelieu, opposite the town of St Athanase, and 27 miles by rail SE. of Montreal. It contains a lunatic asylum, barracks, potteries, foundries, sawmills, etc. Pop. 4314. - (3) St John's, or San Juan, capital of Porto Rico, stands on a small island connected by bridges with a peninsula on the north coast. Pop. 34,000.

St Johnstoun

St Johnstoun. See Perth.

St Joseph

St Joseph, a city of Missouri, capital of Buchanan county, on the Missouri River's left bank, 110 miles (by rail 68) above Kansas City. Eight lines of railway centre here, and the river is crossed by an iron railway and foot bridge (1873) of five spans, one a pivot-draw span of 365 feet. St Joseph has large pork-packing establishments and manufactures of stoves, guns, carriages, clothing, furniture, etc. Laid out in 1843, and incorporated as a city in 1851, it was much of it destroyed by fire on 25th September 1893. Pop. (1870) 29,565; (1890) 52,324; (1900) 102,979.

St Just

St Just (Joost), a Cornish town, 7 miles W. of Penzance, with tin and copper mines. Borlase was a native. Pop. of parish, 6119.

St Keyne

St Keyne, a Cornish parish, 2 miles S. of Liskeard, with a well that gives the mastery to the bridegroom or bride who first drinks of it after their marriage. See Southey's poem.