Stamboul (Stambool'). See Constantinople.

Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge, a Yorkshire village, on the Derwent, 9 1/4 miles NE. of York. Here Harold routed Harold Haarfager (1066).


Standerton, capital of a district in the Transvaal, 110 miles SE. of Pretoria, with two bridges across the Vaal. Pop. 4500.


Stanhope, a town on the Wear, 26 miles W. of Durham by rail. Its rectory, once known as the 'golden rectory,' was held by Bishop Butler (1725-40). The famous lead-mines are now much less profitable than of old. Pop. 1964.


Stanislawow (w's as v's), or Stanislau, an Austrian town in Galicia, 87 miles SE. of Lein-berg. Pop. 30,000 (10,000 Jews).


Stanley, a town 8 miles W. of Durham, pop. 13,500; (2) another is partly in Wakefield (q.v.); (3) another is 7 miles NW. of Perth.

Stanley Pool

Stanley Pool, a lake-like expansion of the Congo (q.v.), 25 miles long by 16 wide, and 1142 feet above sea-level.

Stanovoi Mountains

Stanovoi Mountains. See Siberia. Stanton Drew, a Somerset parish, 7 miles S. of Bristol, with prehistoric stone circles.

Stanton Harcourt

Stanton Harcourt, the ancient seat of the Harcourts, 6 miles W. of Oxford, with a curious kitchen and memories of Pope.


Stapleford, a market-town of Notts, 6 miles W. of Nottingham. Pop. of parish, 5770.


Staraya-Russa (Stari'a-Roossa), a town of Russia, 62 miles S. of Novgorod by rail round Lake Ilmen, with salt springs. Pop. 13,537.


Starbuck. See Manihiki Islands.


Starcross, a Devon watering-place, on the Exe estuary, 8 miles SSE. of Exeter. Pop. 978.


Stargard, the chief town of Further Pomer-ania, Prussia, on the Ihna, 22 miles by rail E. by S. of Stettin. Pop. 26.860.


Starodoub (ou as oo), an Ukraine town, Russia, 120 miles NE. of Tchernigoff. Pop. 20,388.

Start Point

Start Point, a projection of the coast of Devon, 8 miles S. of Dartmouth, forming the south-eastern extremity of the county. It is crowned by a lighthouse (92 feet), visible for 20 miles.


Stassfurt, a town of Prussian Saxony, 20 miles SSW. of Magdeburg, with enormous stores of salt and kainite (whence the main potash supplies of the world are derived). It has also machine-shops, boiler-works, and other industrial enterprises. Pop. 21,500.

Staten Island(Stat'ten), (l)separated from Long Island by the Narrows and from New Jersey by the Kill van Kull and Staten Island Sound, constitutes the borough of Richmond, New York city. Area, 55 sq. m.; pop. (1900) 67,021. - (2) An Argentinian island separated from Tierra del Fuego by Le Maire Strait. Long (45 miles) and narrow, it has steep coasts penetrated by deep fiords, and rises to 3000 feet. Snow covers it most of the year. It was named in 1616 after the States-general of Holland.


Staubbach, Fall of. See Lauterbrunnen.


Staunton, capital of Augusta county, Virginia, in the Shenandoah valley, 136 miles by rail WNW. of Richmond. Here are the state lunatic, deaf-mute, and blind asylums, large ironworks, and flour and planing mills. Pop. 7300.