Stamford, a municipal borough chiefly in Lincolnshire, but partly also in Northamptonshire, on the Welland, 12 miles WNW. of Peterborough. Hengist is said to have here defeated the Picts and Scots in 449, and Stamford thereafter is notable as one of the Danish 'five boroughs,' as having been visited by at least thirteen sovereigns (from Edward the Elder in 922 to Queen Victoria in 1844), for the persecution of its Jews (1190), as having between 1266 and 1334 only missed becoming a rival to Oxford, for its colony of Flemish Protestants (1572), as the birthplace of the earliest provincial newspaper, the Stamford Mercury (1695), and for its famous bull-running on 13th November from King John's time until 1839. It has lost ten of its sixteen churches, an Eleanor cross, two castles, six religious houses, and two hospitals. Existing edifices are St Mary's, with a fine spire, All Saints, with a fine tower and steeple, St Martin's with Lord Burghley's grave and, in the churchyard, Daniel Lambert's, a town-hall (1777), corn exchange (1859), literary institute (1842), bridge (1849), Browne's Hospital (15th century), and boys' and girls' high schools (1874-76). Burghley House (q.v.) stands close ' by Stamford town.' The trade and industries are mainly agricultural. Chartered by Edgar in 972, and afterwards by Edward IV., Stamford was a parliamentary borough, but lost one of its two members in 1867 and the other in 1885. For good services rendered by the inhabitants at the battle of Loose-coat-field (1469) the town seal bears the royal arms. Pop. (1851) 8933; (1901) 8229. See works by Butcher (1646), Howgrave (1726), Peck (1727; newed. 1785), Drakard (1822), Sharp (1847), Walcott (1867), and Nevinson (1879).


Stamford, a town of Connecticut, on Long Island Sound, 33 miles by rail NE. of New York. It has a handsome town-hall; and the hills around are embellished with the summer residences of well-to-do New Yorkers. Settled in 1641, it has iron and bronze foundries, and manufactories of hats, drugs, sashes, and Yale locks. Pop. (18S0) 11,297; (1000) 15.097.