Sulina (Soolet'na), a lower branch of the Danube (q.v.). The Roumanian town of Sulina (pop. 5000) is on its S. bank, near the mouth.


Sulmo'na, or Solmona, a city of Italy, 80 miles by rail E. of Rome. It stands 1575 feet above sea-level, and has a cathedral (1119). Here were born Ovid and Pope Innocent VII. On a mountain close by stood until 1870 the ' mother monastery' of the Celestines. Pop. 18,000.


Sultanabad, a Persian town in the west of Irak-Ajemi, and capital of the province, with a famous carpet manufacture. Pop. 20,000.

Sulu Islands

Sulu Islands, an archipelago of 188 mountainous islands stretching from Borneo NE. to the Philippines, with a total area of 948 sq. m. and a pop. of 25,000. The Malay-Mohammedan inhabitants were, as bold pirates, the terror of the seas, until the Spaniards conquered them in 1876; in 1899 the sultan recognised the authority of the United States.


Sumba'wa, one of the chain of the Sunda Islands, to the east of Java, lies between Lombok (on the west) and Flores (on the east), which yields rice, tobacco, cotton, sandalwood, etc. Area, 5192 sq. m.; pop. 150,000, all Malays and Mohammedans. The four native rulers owe allegiance to the Dutch governor of Celebes. In 1815 an eruption of Tambora, the loftiest peak, whereby its altitude was decreased from 14,000 to 7670 feet, cost 12,000 lives. Another eruption took place in 1836, and one of another peak, Gunong Api, in 1860.

Sumburgh Head

Sumburgh Head, a bold headland, with a lighthouse, at the S. extremity of Shetland.

Summer Isles

Summer Isles, a group of twenty rocky islets off the west coast of Scotland, near the entrance of Loch Broom, an inlet (7 miles long, and 12 1/2 miles wide at the entrance) of NW. Ross-shire. The largest, Tanera, measuring 1 3/4 by l 1/2 mile, rises 406 feet, and has 120 inhabitants.


Sumy, a town of Russia, 125 miles by rail NW. of Kharkoff. Pop. 26,700.


Sunart (Soo'nart), Loch, a picturesque sea-inlet of W. Argyllshire, winding 19 1/2 miles E.


Sunbury, a Middlesex village, on the Thames, 4| miles W. of Kingston. Pop. 4550.


Sunbury, capital of Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, on the Susquehanna, 53 miles by rail N. of Harrisburg. Pop. 10,200.

Sunda Islands

Sunda Islands (Soon'da), a name applied sometimes to the long chain of islands stretching SE. from the Malay Peninsula to the north coast of Australia. More properly it means the islands that lie between the E. end of Java and the N. side of Timor-Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sandalwood Island, etc. (see separate articles). Sunda Strait is a passage, 70 to 90 miles broad, lying between Sumatra and Java and connecting the Indian Ocean with the Sunda Sea, Several islands stud its waters, as Krakatoa (q.v.), Princes Island, Steers, and Calmeijer.


Sundarbans (Soon'derbuns), or Sunderbunds, the lower portion of the delta of the Ganges, extending 165 miles eastward from the mouth of the Hugli to that of the Meghna, and stretching inland for 83 miles. The total area is estimated at 7550 sq. m. The region is entirely alluvial, with vast swamps and a network of streams. Next the sea is a wide belt of dense jungle, the haunt of wild beasts. Behind this belt the land is cultivated, the fields being enclosed with embankments. Rice is the staple crop.